1 Day 24 Hour Sale – Monday Newsletter

Hi Charles

Today, we're offering you 24 hour special pricing on the full funnel (Front end and upsell) to the PLR Playbook. If you use the Coupon code:


You'll get $20 or 40% off two Products:

1.) The PLR Playbook
2.) The PLR Playbook Hands On Session

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Tomorrow LM Launch Price Ends

Tomorrow is the last day, the Lead Magnet Offer will be available at launch pricing along with our bonus. You can get access to them on our review page.

The real benefit of this Lead Magnet package is that it can be used for your own business as well sold to other marketers. In fact the sale page actually gives you Master Resell Rights.

This opens up a number of combinations for you to use this and profit. Of course our bonus has you covered either way whether you want to use the package or sell it.

Get access through our review page:


Training Note

I am debating on whether or not my voice is ready for me to resume doing the Daily PLR Show. We will go ahead and try for the established time of 7:00 PM EST.

In the last session, I covered adding on Videos to your PLR Course. Today, we'll cover the first part of the editing process on YouTube.

If you have questions, feel free to write them into the Facebook Group. If you've missed the entire series, you can catch it here insider of the Daily Live Playlist on YouTube.

Make sure to Subscribe and then share with anyone that you think can be helped with the content.


Strategy Note

A new development that we discovered in being part of a Meetup is that there is an email delivery system inside of Meetup.

This means that whether or not you have great attendance at your Meetup is almost incidental. You can then send notice to others to

1.) Obtain the Replay, and......
2.) Attend the Webinar Recap

Meetup desires that you make a good faith effort in building Face to Face community. So, I don't think that sending a daily message will conform to that standard.

But sending a message with the opportunity for them to get the recorded session as well as to attend a live webinar can work to your advantage. Naturally, the webinar should be more of a sales presentation and longer than your workshop.

Personal Note

We have discovered the culprit of my recent bout with my voice was dehydration...and that even though I probably drink half my body weight every day in water...something else was robbing me of the hydration.

I have had over the last couple of months a fascination with Sunflower Seeds and since that was the only real change in my diet...I decided to look up the pros and cons.

Sure enough, if you eat a lot of them (as I have recently) you could easily end up with the symptoms of dehydration. Combine that with the amount of coffee that I drink....those two things combined were probably drying out my throat during teaching and recording.

So, I've limited myself today to virtually zero sunflower seeds so that I can get a handle on this today. I am wondering these days whether people in the past had these kinds of problems
or whether they had them...had no internet to research them and just suffered through them.

So, I'll hold off on the Zinc Lozenges until I can isolate this. And, tonight at 7:00 PM EST, I'll be doing the Daily Live to Test out my voice.

If you're not already part of The PLR Show Facebook Group you can sign up here: