Thursday Newsletter- 12/1/2016 – Dropshipping PLR, Facebook Group Training

Hi Charles

There is a trend of internet marketers getting interested in physical products. So, we’re putting together a bonus for this new dropshipping PLR package that will help you to sell to them.

We’ve found several online “store” sites which will bring traffic in some cases and in other cases will bring consumer product buyers. You should use these products as your bonus when you sell the Drop Shipping PLR package.

For those that get the upsell, we’re putting together a second set of stores plus some information on Shopify. We’ll also give you access to a Masterclass we did earlier this year with an E-Commerce expert earning six figures.

Get Access To Our Entire Bonus Package here:

Training Note Tonight in our Weekly Ultimate Insider training we’ll be talking about how you’d actually use a package like this as well as how you’d market as an affiliate. One of the things that we’d love to talk about at length, but can only do so with our group members due to time is how to structure the PLR offers in a way that you’re getting some consistent traffic to them.

But the starting point is to have the offers available. It’s the one thing that will help you to have something to sell to a cross section of people interested in making money online.

Strategy Note Having something to sell to people who want an online internet business, but don’t want to sell digital products is smart. There are some people who can visualize selling real products and pick up on the “business” part when they see a physical product.

Just as you’d teach a session on Video Marketing or Affiliate marketing, you could just as well teach one on Drop Shipping. There will be some people that would come to this would be
different than those interested on online money making.

Also, there are a number of ways to angle this. The holiday angle has past…but the beginning of the year/fresh start angle is now the thing to get ready for. Many of your customers and
prospects will be looking for something new. And if they haven’t had much success in the digital product part…they could have GREAT success here.

Personal Note Laurel is one of those people that has the entrepreneurial streak, but her instincts lead her to physical products. I think she humors me by parenting with me in an online business.

If you’d been trying to sell to her when we first got started and you were talking about “online” stuff you’d have missed out. She would not have heard you. Growing up, her parents had a
dress shop…later a dance studio. So, digital product businesses didn’t come to mind first in order to build a business.

There are LOTS of people out there like Laurel. They’re interested in business….they’re interested in online business. But their first instinct is to trust things they can touch. As information marketers, we go where the people are. So, you and I need to make sure we have the information they want as opposed to trying to convince them to buy the only information we have.

Expand your product line here:


PS…For those of you that want to learn how to market in Facebook Groups, make sure to watch for tomorrow’s newsletter or check in to the Facebook Group. There is something coming up that can put you in profit mode faster with social list building….