Thursday Newsletter, New Bonus For Niche PLR Package Including Webinar and Software

Hi Charles

Tonight, late night, I will be recording a training session for you and giving you software to help you to get more done in your internet marketing business. The software will only be available as a bonus tonight.

If you’ve already purchased the Sean Mize package, you’re getting access to this training and software too. If you haven’t this is your one opportunity to get access to it All you’ll need to do is to get the 95 trainings package here. The recorded training and live training link will be in the bonus area.

The product and software will be part of an upcoming PLR product that Laurel and I will be doing during the month of January. It’s based on our experience of what happens when you have all of the pieces in place but can’t seem to move forward.

When it happened to me, I had already overcome shiny object syndrome. I was good at filtering out information, so I wasn’t overloaded there.

I had my big “why”, I had mind maps, to do lists, checklists and all of that. STILL, projects were dying, and nothing was getting accomplished.

So, I’m going to show you what I learned and how it will help you and give you some software to pull it off (valued at $37). If you can’t make the live webinar don’t worry…you’ll still get the recording if you sign up today.

Get started here…if I see you at 10:30 PM EST Eastern, great…if that’s too late for you, no worries. I’ll post the webinar recording tonight.

Day 8 Giveaway Today for your PLR giveaway, we’re going to do a little rule breaking. As ethical marketers we aren’t supposed to talk about “fast money” or “get rich quick” stuff.

But let’s face it..if you were to go out and poll your subscribers and customers you’d hear that they want to see results yesterday.

So, what we’ve put together in today’s pack are fast start guides and quick start products. This will almost certainly help you to generate leads.

Copywriters will tell you that people subconsciously tune out of what they perceive to be hard work. Make it easy for them and they will subconsciously tune you in.

Here is today’s PLR Giveaway:

Strategy Note Of all of the killer apps that I have purchased since I’ve been involved with internet marketing only one has made a dramatic difference in the lives of partners, friends and
those I freelanced for.

One of the things that you will figure out in 2017 about internet marketing is that you are more responsible than ever for being “present”. But here is the temptation as I see it.

“Going Live” on Facebook is great, if you have:

1.) An ongoing conversation or autoresponder email series
2.) A Product Line
3.) A Platform

Without these things, success can be episodic (my 50 cents word) meaning that it happens in spurts. This is great if your mortgage company or car financier will allow you to pay in episodes.

But were not there yet as a society. So you and I have to do things that smooth out our income stream. Believe it or not, it hasn’t changed since I got into internet marketing in 2008.

John Reese called it the “content factory”. It is the thing that will bring you traffic, build your expertise and provide value.

But how do you produce enough “factory style” if you have a full time job, or kids, or aging parents. Believe it or not, it takes more than desire.

The internet marketers I talk to tend to have one missing piece which I will be sharing tonight in the training as well as giving you software to help.

Get access to that call here (and even if you can’t be there tonight you can still get the recording and the software).

Personal Note I have figured out that I am personally more educator than I am entrepreneur. In fact, in looking at our histories, Laurel grew up around more business related activity than I did and her instincts…offline in particular are better than mine.

So my interests are more developmental than they are motivational or “hard sales”. Discovering that means that I have to work harder at selling with my style than somebody with a pure sales instinct.

The thing that follows is that I tend to have to be very careful about my time because I know it’s just going to take me longer to do stuff….

Longer to create products
Longer to prepare for webinars
Longer to write emails 🙂

So, what we’ll be sharing with you tonight will come to you as an internet marketer but will help you in just about any area you’re involved in professionally.

This will eventually be a PLR product so the software part of today’s bonus will only be available for a limited time. Get this and all of the other bonuses here:


PS…The webinar will be live tonight at 10:30 PM EST, but you don’t have to be there can get the recording. But, I will show you how to use the software there…