Saturday Newsletter-Last Day for Passive Income Launch Pricing + PLR Hackathon Day Two – 1/1/2017

The Second Day of the PLR Hackathon is Today and You’ll see another aspect of the painful part of making your PLR generate leads for you and eventually sales.

Although the sessions are currently slated at 4, there is a distinct possibility that we’ll go longer. Because the replays are in the Member’s Area you can catch up easily.

There are two things you will want to be aware of. One: The price of the Hackathon is on a dime sale going up in price with every sale.

The second is more important for you if you like to have PLR content that is practical for your buyers. There is an upsell where you’ll get sales materials and rights to resell the edited content.

But the number of licenses is restricted automatically by the system. Therefore, once we’ve reached that number, PLR and or resell rights will no longer be available.

This retains the value for our Insider Members and make this PLR more exclusive. We want to be liberal with the rights with a few serious marketers instead of restrictive with many.

Sign up for the Hackathon here:

End Launch Price For Passive PLR

As you know, today is the last day for launch pricing of Passive Income PLR. After Midnight EST, the price is scheduled to go up to $27.95.

Your bonus will still be available at least until Midnight. If you’ve missed seeing our offer, you can see it here.

If you were thinking about getting the passive package and forgot about the expiring price, you’ll want to get it today. The topic is one that is versatile and one that marketers want to know about.

Get Access to our Bonus and Passive Income PLR here:


PS…Last Night’s Hackathon we shared one simple tip that will make your PLR more usable than you’ve ever found it. Make sure to watch Replay one before you attend today’s session.