Tuesday Newsletter, Offline Directories, Hackathon Continues

You can easily put yourself in front of a small business who buys services and information of you know what you’re talking about. And there is a new PLR product that will help you to be able to do that currently on a dimesale.

We’ve put 5 bonuses together for you if you want help in selling yourself or your services when you get the guide here. We’ve also added in a $47 bonus when
you get more advanced resources.

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Strategy Note

I was recently asked what the absolute fastest way to get started online would be. There are two answers to this.

First, what is the fastest way to learn and put together a product to sell? We’re all doing it…it’s information marketing.

But is it the fastest way to make $1,000 online?

Probably not…truthfully.

The fastest way is to get check for business services from someone who needs what you have in order to generate more income. But how then can we get a hearing with these business owners?

The fastest way to get a hearing is to show them quickly how they can get more visibility. That’s something that you and I can easily do as internet marketers.

We have a number of options. We can sell our advice or we can give away that advice as a way of gaining trust. It’s really up to us to determine for individual small business customers.

Drew Laughlin’s Small Business Directory PLR helps us with that option. We can choose to help the small business in order to get them more visibility or we can do the process for them.

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Training Note

We’re now moving past our 4th day of the Hackathon. Today (my voice permitting) we will be working with the graphics on Minisites.

Yesterday, we worked with E-Cover Graphics and showed you how you can easily customize graphics. The great thing is that you really only need to know a few Photoshop
commands to do it well and we showed you that yesterday.

The goal is for me to only have to do this once, so we’re going to make sure that when this is over, you’ll have a totally complete resource. There is an upsell to get the Private Label Rights.

When the Hackathon ends, we will take the Live course off the market and re-release it as a standard PLR product whose starting price for the video course will be $17 and the upsell will be $17 to $27.

The upsell will include a live example start to finish of everything that is taught in the course once it’s complete. But when you get the live course and upsell now,
you’ll be grandfathered in.

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Personal Note

In 2008, I was doing internet marketing at “night” while still having my “day” job at the residential school. But basically the mornings were
free for me until the students came home from school.

That meant that I could go to things like networking groups to see if I could get consulting clients at the time. One of the groups was BNI, which you may have heard of.

With BNI, every so often you’re given about 20 minutes to educate the rest of the group on what you do and how to find you good prospects. But as an internet marketer, by the time you’re done talking the other people in the group are interested in talking to YOU.

One of the keys to the heart of a local business owner are easy strategies they can implement for more visibility. So, when you teach them these things, they associate you with genius.

Quite honestly, this was the case for me before I even knew what I was talking about. I had a PLR course on Small Business Marketing and taught it.

“Charles, can we meet…?”

“Charles, do you have a few minutes….”

“Charles, let me ask you a question….”

That’s pretty much how it was. Now, that may or may not be a typical response from business owners, but having a strategy for more visibility absolutely can help you.

Add in our bonuses with new strategies and you’ll have a good jump in the market. Get Access here: