New Resell Rights Software, Hackathon Ends, Minimalist Lifestyle PLR Upcoming, Laurel’s Recent Training

The Resell Rights Software being released today at 9 AM EST at earlybird pricing solves a huge problem. It makes Amazon S3 Super Easy and it makes your product links un-stealable which means you don’t have to use a Membership Site to Sell products.

We’ve put together a package that you can use as bonuses when you sell the software:

1.) Sales Page Creation Software
2.) Link Cloaking Software
3.) Membership Site Training Guides
4.) Master Resell Rights Products

Get Access To Our Bonus Now While the Earlybird pricing is still on here:

Training Note Tonight we are wrapping up the Hackathon with software and technology solutions. We ended Phase One last night by reviewing the Funnel Creation process.

There are certain things that you want to be aware of and that you’ll want to teach other marketers when you show them how to create their product.

1.) You MUST use the funnel buttons inside of the Affiliate Platforms if you want the customer to be shown the right offer. In doing this, you have to be careful not to use the product buttons.

2.) If you are going to use your own buttons instead of the buttons of the affiliate platform, there are certain codes within Zoo that can be wonky if you don’t get the right ones. This will keep your affiliates happy if their stats are accurate.

This effectively ends Phase One of the Hackathon. We now move to Phase Two, where we take all of the principles of Phase One and go through a Live Example.

You can still watch all of the Phase One recordings and be present in time to see the Phase Two course. Get Started here:

Strategy Note One way to use your internet marketing skills is to get other professionals into information product creation. This can most easily be done in your local are but really could be done any place.

For example, rather than selling internet marketing course, you could help someone create a course to sell:

1.) In the PLR Market
2.) On Udemy
3.) On Skillshare

What you get for your work is 50% of the proceeds. What you get in return is that you don’t have to be an expert.

It’s a little bit like Offline Consulting, except you’re getting them to sell their expertise. This is what I call Three Dimensional product creation. You’re taking a concept that you learned and used…but instead of selling it, you’re implementing it with someone else’s expertise.

You’re also leveraging the expertise of others while at the same time monetizing all of your marketing software and purchases. The Hackathon is a great course to use for consulting others into product creation:

Ultimate Insiders Update Last night, due to the Hackathon we had a shortened session, but we definitely did meet. We will be uploading the replay later on this morning.

Laurel covered something that last night that has plagued people involved in information marketing ever since we got started in 2007. How do you put together a presentation that looks professional regardless of what template you use?

In fact, if you were to hear what Laurel talked about last night, you’d know that its about everything EXCEPT for the template These four simple things will help you to create:

1.) Informative Products
2.) Great Webinars
3.) Engaging Lead Gen Content

If you’ve yet to sign up to be an Insider, you’re probably missing the help that could make the difference between you’re getting to the next level this year or next year.

Get Access here:

Personal Note Last night, I actually had about 5 times that required me to use my speaking voice. I figured out that I had been through about 10 16.9 ounce bottles of water and it seemed as if I hadn’t had enough.

Thankfully, the Hackathon is coming to the end (as much as I have enjoyed doing it). It has me pretty much wiped out by the end of the day, but at the same time…I do know that you’re getting something that you’ll be able to use to re-do any PLR that you want.

If you weren’t able to join us for Phase One…that’s okay. You can get the recordings for Phase One and then start with Phase Two which is our “Live Example – Hands On” Session.

Get Access To the Hackathon Here:


PS…Tomorrow morning there is a “Minimalist Lifestyle” PLR package being made available. If you’re into Personal Development, you’ll want to be ready to get our bonus at 9 AM tomorrow