Today’s Newsletter [PLR] Affiliate Marketing Passive For Online and Offline Marketers

To earn money passively as an affiliate, you will get passive traffic from a resource I purchased and downloaded yesterday. Apparently, the price goes to $37 at midnight tonight.

What I like about these resources is that they are outside of MMO world and can be earned from anyone in business. That means that if you’re an offline marketer, coach or brick and mortar business…you could use these to earn commission.

That is, in fact what we’ll be doing with them. (Don’t be surprised when you see them show up in stuff we do.) 🙂 Send us your receipt, when you get it and we’ll show you what we’re doing with it.

Check it out here:

Strategy Note

The strategy for using this is pretty simple. These are charts that you can (and should) put in all of your products, free and paid as well as on your website.

The charts include comparisons for autoresponders. This can be a monthly commission for you and everybody need autoresponders.

The chart package also includes shopping carts. Again, this is something that your customers, prospects and clients will all need at some point. Again, a chart with your link means that you’ll get recurring commissions.

There is one trick that they didn’t mention with the charts, that I will be doing personally that I’ll show you to include your PLR offers.
Most people won’t do this, but it’s pretty easy to do.

If you decide to pick it up, please use our support desk and I’ll have Sydney hook you up with a link for me to show you what you can do (if you’d like to copy us).

We’ll also choose some video PLR courses tonight that have sales pages that if you don’t have them…you can add them to these chart with 0 effort. Additionally, we’ll give you our live offline in person Affiliate Marketing Workshop to create your own.

The thing about this is that you’ll set this up 1 time. Once you’ve set it up, you’ll send traffic to it and it can work in the background earning you commission that in some cases…you’ll forget how you earned them.

You can go here to get this and our bonus:

Personal Note

Today is the day my younger daughter and tech person is going to check out a Cosmetology trade school. She actually wants to do this because yes…she likes hair, but she
also wants to pay her own way through traditional higher education.

The other daughter is going to piano practice for her big audition on Friday. All of a sudden, we’re busy…

So today, I’ll need to make this shorter than I’d like to. I’d like to tell you more about the conference. But this resource that we bought and downloaded, we felt was worth your time and saw immediately the passive profit potential for offline and online markets.

We’ll tell you all about it and give you some stuff to help you out. So, send your receipt to Sydney in support when you have it. Here is the link: