Friday Newsletter, Social Media Firesale, The Big Day

The Social Media Firesale PLR is being launched this morning at 9 AM EST. Laurel and I are doing a little something different for your bonus.

In addition to the regular software bonuses, we are passing on to you two pieces of fully customizable software pieces. The front end software, will install your front end content.

The back end software will install your back end content. Both pieces are ready to do and are inside of your checkout area.

Check it out here:

Training Note Last night on the Ultimate Insider call, we talked about some alternative ways into JV relationships. It goes along the same lines as what we talked about in yesterday’s email also.

Getting out and letting everyone know what you do is pretty crucial. Even if you prefer online marketing to offline…we’re talking about something other than consulting here.

We’re talking about letting people know what you already know about marketing on the internet. You know more than you think you know.

If you’ve yet to sign up for our Thursday Night Training calls, we’re waiting for you. This weekend the collaboration portal is now open and we’ll continue to
add more new content.

Last night, we added three new resell rights video courses as well as more content for the Learning Library. Get yourself signed up here:

Personal Note Today is the big day for my oldest daughter. This is the audition for all of the marbles…high stakes. If they like her performance, we’re talking
a full four year ride. She’s been working for this moment in some ways since she’s been five taking piano lessons.

In other ways, she’s been working diligently for about 18 months. She’s putting in the time up to 4 hours a day…so, now we get to see.

What I’ve been saying to her is that regardless of what she does or doesn’t is my opinion that as a musician she’s going to need a portfolio and these day’s that’s going to be on YouTube.

She probably also needs all of the other social networks to revolve around it. I guess that’s my job not just to tell her but to either show her or seriously help her.

There are probably a lot of people in your circles like that who could use some guidelines. What we all learned about YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn could be
different next week, right?

You actually know the answer….use this tool to get it in front of the people seeking.