Tuesday Newsletter, New SEO PLR, Finding 1000 True Fans

There is a new Case Study PLR package being released today at 9 AM EST and we’ve put together a bonus package for you. When you get the guide, we’re going to add two SEO Case Study Sessions.

We’re also adding in an entire video course on the subject of doing SEO with WordPress. When you get the Video Guide, we’re passing on two premium WordPress Plugins: 1) Content Auditor and
2) GEO Content.

Take a look at our bonus here:


Finding Your 1000 True Fans

We’re prepping for the First Session of the PLR Summit where we’ll be talking about getting your 1000 True Fans.

We hope that you’ve found the Content helpful as we’ll be discussing it well into the sessions as well as in a surprise, which we will tell you about on the actual day you get access.

Here is the next day’s session where we continue to talk about the numbers of finding 1000 True Fans:

Strategy Note

One of the things that we talked about yesterday was platform and how you could use it successfully to build up your authority position.

Regardless of whether you build on Periscope, Blog or Podcast, it seems that many roads lead back to your Video Channel.

Setting up your video channel is going to be pretty vital even if you don’t consider yourself to be a “video” person. It seems that about half the people on the internet would rather have a video discussion than they would a quick PDF.

So, as less of a strategy and more as a necessity, you’ll want to make sure to look for your “brand” name early in the process even if you’re not quite ready to use it.

Note: Snapchatters, Periscopers,Facebook Live folks, ALL cross post back to YouTube. Even bloggers who don’t do video…also cross post some of their content back to YouTube.

Something to think about and process going forward.

Personal Note

We are about at the half way point to hearing back from our first choice about whether or not our daughter was awarded the full ride scholarship.

Yesterday, made one week and we were to hear back within 2. We can’t decide whether not hearing is a good thing or bad thing.

One thing that we’ve figured out though is that, if we Google her piano studio, it isn’t findable. We’re going to need to get her to step up her game.

Since her site is on WordPress we have some resources, one of which we’re giving you as a bonus. We also have some experience from our old Offline PLR days that provided some resources for us to share with her.

But we’re also sharing those resources with you as part of your bonus. Get access to it here: