Last Day of the Summit, 100 Marketing Video Bonuses, Replay From Yesterday’s Training

Today is the last day that you can get the Summit at launch pricing. If you’ve yet to pick it up, you can do so at it’s lowest price until midnight EST here:

Training Note The training replay from yesterday is also available for streaming and viewing. It will be downloadable for back end buyers of the Summit. Watch the replay here:

100 Videos, Emails and Articles

We purchased a 365 Marketing Tips PLR package and once we opened it, we felt it was worth recommending.

We’re adding to this for you:

100 Internet Marketing Videos
100 Autoresponder E-Mails
100 Internet Marketing Articles

We’re also adding in the Instant Social Image Plugin so that you can use the Daily Marketing Tips as a way to generate daily Memes.

Go here to see our bonus:

Strategy Note The best way to use the content in the 365 Marketing Tips package is obviously to create your own newsletter. We think though that you need to have some kind of system.

The tips should be bait on Social Media using the Instant Social Image Plugin and should click through to an article on your site.

That article should have a video of some kind to give more value and to keep your prospect occupied. And in the sidebar, you should have your opt-in page where they can get more tips.

Of course, your tips should then be delivered by email with a link back to your daily blog article where you also have a link to an offer that you have.

This giving of value can happen on a daily basis as you build your list. And when you get our bonus, you’ll be able to have 100 days of content done for you.

Personal Note All good things must come to an end and we are wrapping up the Summit tonight with a special open to everyone training to Summit Attendees and our community.

This will be Part 2 of the training where we’ll go through some of the technical aspects of building a brand and share the whole point of building a brand in the first place.

Not only will you see the whole point of having 1000 True fans, but also why brand building is a powerful internet business model. To sign up for this final training to wrap of the Summit.

Here is the link to tonight: