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Trevor McHaffie's Success Formula LIVE Weekly Training

Take your business to the next level with LIVE training!

In this weekly live training Trevor McHaffie will cover topics including Ninja Affiliate Marketing Strategies, List Building, Email Marketing, Traffic Generation and More.

I made the biggest leaps in my business by learning from a mentor...Take advantage of getting live training to take your business to the next level!

Estimated Value = $297

Operation List Building Training Course

When it comes to building an email list, you need to have a proper system in place to maximize your efforts.  Operation List Building is your solution to creating your new money sucking, cash on demand email marketing engine.

Operation List Building is a complete A to Z list building funnel training course that is proven to convert better and increase income with the perfect combination that has never been released before.

Estimated Value: $27.00

Top Internet Marketers Secrets EXPOSED On Camera!

Trevor McHaffie has had some of the industries top Internet Marketers in the "Hot Seat" and they reveal some of their best UNKNOWN secrets on camera for you to use and start implementing them into your business.

Discover some golden nuggets in these interviews that you can use today!

Estimated Value = $47.00

Trevor McHaffie's Giant Swipe File

Even the best copywriters get stuck writing sales letters, emails, blog posts… Sometimes the words just don’t come to you.

Everything you do with your online business relies on good written copy to convert visitors and subscribers to take action on your offers.  Words are like Ammunition and every good army needs the right ammunition to hit the target.

Every Six Figure Marketer has a “Swipe” file…Just like all armies have an arsenal of advanced weaponry.

And this one will be yours when you take action today!

Estimated Value = $27.00

Next Level Affiliate Marketing Guide

Personal Use Rights to an Affiliate Marketing Strategy guide which is perfect if you want to learn the subject well enough to teach it.  The guide actually comes with a checklist that you can tailor to your use to make sure that you've covered everything before you start a successful campaign.

This content will give you a broad perspective and help to make you an instant expert on the subject even before you begin the course.

Affiliate Marketing Live Workshop with PLR Rights

You're getting access to the subject of Affiliate Marketing presented live. This can used as a bonus or as your own product. You can also use it to create your own live presentation or automated webinars.

This affiliate marketing workshop was done in classroom environment.  So those of you that are offline marketers will be able to take this to make a new one.  We've given you access to the presentation slides as well as the actual video.  You're also getting access to images that you can use in your marketing campaigns.

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