Follow Up to Wednesday Newsletter – Sajan PLR and Case Study – August 2, 2017

We’re sorry for sending a second email. It looks like the links that we placed may not have been working properly. So, if you haven’t seen the previous email, great…keep reading.

Basically, we wanted to tell you about the most recent PLR release from Sajan and Justin which talks about finding a suitable niche. Since we’re giving you at least 8 hours of our training as a bonus, we thought it was worth making sure that you know about it.

There are two video training categories:

First, using PLR to position yourself in the niche

Second, finding your 1000 True Fans with a niche

Both of these will help you to sell this course most effectively. We’ve also included some courses on market research that will help you to be effective in teaching the subject.

The entire package and our bonuses are here:

Everything we said about strategy in our previous email is relevant. We’d basically use this content to talk to those that are too busy to think about internet marketing and who don’t get
it when you explain it to them the first time.

Basically, you’d want to sell this outside of the information marketing niche. The Zoo and W+ crowd will already know about this.

In any case, my apologies again for you getting a second email today. It’s not our style to send out more than one…although we know that’s the industry practice.

…One more thing, we included a reminder about the case study offer we made yesterday for marketers that pick up the package from Edmund.

That offer is still on the table here: