Friday Newsletter, Last Day for Goal Setting PLR, Day Two of Annual PLR Giveaway and Expiring Launch Price for Resell Rights Software

Hi Charles

As a reminder, today is the last day for launch pricing for the Goal Setting PLR product and our bonus. The price goes to more than double at midnight EST.

Our bonus includes an exclusive package on the front end which is presell webinar content and live example and the same on the back end. Also included are five resell rights products.

Our bonus makes the product easy to use in a different niche or context. Get access to the entire package here:

Training Note

Last night on our Ultimate Insider call, a marketer was discussing the progress he’s been making into the small business community in his local area. He was discussing how he wanted to develop a way of selling without being salesy.

I’ve had a chance to get to know this gentleman over the last few months in the program and he has a friendly demeanor. I recognize that he’s not going to come off with the pushy sales message, because I don’t necessarily do well with that either.

What we’re encouraging is a two step approach:

1.) The Weekly Webinar, this is an easier thing to “sell” because it benefits the customer and

2.) At the webinar present the opportunity to become part of a second training which is paid.

3.) Use High Quality In-Depth PLR to conduct the training

4.) Record the training to sell as an information product.

In this way, he would dictate the direction of his business instead of the title or subject matter of the PLR. PLR becomes the employee where he would tell it what to become and what to do.

If you’d like to participate in our next training call, you can do so by becoming an Insider, where you can sign up here:

Day Two Giveaway

Day Two of our annual PLR Giveaway continues the theme of getting ready for the new year. We’ve given you access to some of our cash flow management reports for your
personal use and we’ve also given you some Budgeting and Finance Reports to use in your business.

As is the case with Day One, this content will be available until I send out the next email. After that, both the page and the link will no longer be available for download.

Each Day, we’ll be providing you a new gift with fresh content you can use in your business. With this resource, we’re completing Day 2 of 12. We hope you can use this in your

Strategy Note

As we go into 2017, we were reminded last night that all of us are probably entering into markets that there are already players there. The question is how you overcome the competition in order to start making the kind of sales to make it worth it to stay.

On Last Night’s Ultimate Insider Training call, Laurel said something that she has believed and actually proved. There is always room for one more person, IF they are going to be a credible source of information.

This is true. If you’re getting a head start in the niche and you stick with it, it’s quite conceivable that by this time next year you will have moved up with consistency, even if you aren’t all that flashy.

We’re looking forward with what the folks on the call come up with by the time next time rolls around. If you’d like to be on with us on a Weekly basis, make sure that you sign up here.

Here is our most recent update:

Personal Note

At the end of this year we have been toying around on the outskirts of different kinds of ways to deliver the kinds of products and services that we know people want.
In the book, “Launch” by Jeff Walker which I listen to when I go on my 10 PM Trips to Planet Fitness, he said something that stopped me in my tracks and made me go to the physical book to make sure I understood it.

In Chapter 13, on page 168, he had a sub-section called “Stay in your Genius Zone”. In that section he’s channeling Dan Sullivan who teaches that we should keep to our Unique abilities and either leave the rest to others or not to be tempted to enter into a market where we’re not amazing.

And so, we stand at the end of 2017, looking to ask ourselves the same questions we ask you in this newsletter every day:

1.) In what area are we amazing in what we deliver?

2.) How can we answer the most pressing questions for the people in that area?

When we know those answers, we know how PLR can serve us and we know how PLR can serve you. But we can only do that by staying long enough in the Genius Zone to see the patterns.

Everything on the internet makes money. The question is what do we have the unique ability to focus on long enough until we’re doing it the way it creates the life we want. …or until we find our “true fans”.

Allow us to help you here:



…Tonight at Midnight the price doubles for the Goal Setting PLR we’ve been telling you about. Get that packages and our bonuses here:


…The Resell Rights Software package Launch price expires tomorrow, but NOT at midnight. It will expire at 9 AM…I May or may not have time to tell you tomorrow