Friday Newsletter, Whitelabel Audio PLR Firesale, Yesterday’s Private Training – 12/9/2016

The Super Fast Action bonus for the Whitelabel Firesale is available to you, if you’re one of the first 25 people that get the firesale package I told you about yesterday.

There is an additional Whitelabel bonus for you when you get the back end of this PLR package. Get Access To Both packages here:

Training Note In last night’s Ultimate Insider Training, we discussed how you should go about buying decisions for your internet marketing business. We laid out the order of importance as well as how you and I should prioritize.

One of the things we talked about is prioritizing PLR. It’s actually, your marketing inventory when you think about it. You get it ahead of time and then use it to create something that gives you profit.

It’s for reselling. It’s for content. It’s for bonuses. It’s for teaching. And of course, it’s for using.

In this case, the Whitelabel Firesale can help you in all of these ways. You do though want to make sure that you’re getting or bonus of Desktop Acquisition Manager which will help you to keep all of the music collections organized.

Get Access To The Firesale Here:

Strategy Note The strategy you can employ in buying PLR is threefold:

First, buy things that are evergreen.

This means that you can figure out what’s working with a particular topic and keep tweaking it until you find what’s working.

Second, buy things where there is interest online and offline.

This means that you can find more buyers both inside and outside of the internet marketing niche.

Third, buy things that you can use in addition to selling.

This means that you can become a better sales person of the product when it’s one you use yourself. All of these things lead to a more sellable product and they can be found in the Whitelabel Audio Firesale.

We’re actually providing two sets of bonuses. The first, for the front end…our Desktop Acquisition Manager software and for the back end buyers, our Stock Footage Video.

Get access to the entire package here:

Personal Note My oldest daughter got accepted into her first choice of colleges yesterday. It’s actually mine and Laurel’s first choice too. Of course, they haven’t told her
the important part…how much all of this is going to cost us. We’re still hoping that she can really knock it out of the park in her auditions in January.

Ironically, even though the stakes are high, that’s the only variable she controls in this process. So, we’re working with her to keep her super organized with her time so that she can put in the maximum amount of practice time.

Unfortunately, it goes against all of our human natures. So, I’ve been on the lookout for tools she can start to learn to use now…so that she can carry the habit into college with her.

It’s also why we’re giving the first 25 of you access to the DeskTop Acquisition Manager as a Super Fast Action bonus when you get the Whitelabel Firesale PLR package. Having this tool means that you’ll be able to use the PLR whenever and however you want.

Get all three sets of bonuses and the Whitelabel Firesale here.