Friday’s Newsletter – Facebook Groups, Software With Resell Rights – 12/2/2016

Hi Charles:

There is a bonus package available for marketers looking to build their list with Facebook Groups. We’ve put together a package of Resell Rights Software and Product Creation PLR to help you.

Since we’re personally taking the course, we’re also going to be starting a discussion group once the course is over for those of you that pick up the upsell. Check out our review
and bonus package:

Training Note I’ve decided to form a small learning group on Facebook for those of us that want to share successes and application of the material in the Facebook Group Profits Course. We’ll be able to share information and I’ll be providing examples of what I am personally doing differently once having gone through the webinars.

That group process will be available to those that pick up the back end of this Facebook Group Profits Course. Since I’m actually wanting to learn and apply this content myself, it’s a great way for us to get to know each other as well as to compare notes in the process.

I will place the link in the checkout area once Mike and Brett have finished their webinars (they’ll be doing four of them) You can get access to this as well as our software bonuses here:

Strategy Note Since I focus primarily on PLR and Resell Rights, I’d like to briefly mention here all of the available strategies you can employ with having the resell rights to:

Instant Video Site
Video Auto Click

This is an added benefit of picking up this product. One of the easiest ways to market these products will be to do so inside of the group you create once you’ve learned the system.
Soci-Vids has a direct tie in to Facebook so they’ll be able to see the value right away. You’ll want to add some of your PLR to give them video content ideas and resources as a bonus.

The same is true of Instant Video Site and Video Auto Click. Both are highly practical and supported products and very relevant to those inside of the Business opportunity niche.

Basically, you’ll want to combine these offers with the relevant video course in your niche. There really is no limit in the combinations you can undertake.

Check out Facebook Group Profits here:

Personal Note I came to Facebook as many of you know kicking and screaming. But since I have embraced it, the process of relationship building is getting easier.

So, I’ve decided to get better at it and one of the best ways to do that is to learn from someone that’s already working that process. So, for those of you that pick up the Back End of Facebook Group Profits, we’ll talk about what we’re learning.

There are a host of bonuses and software available for you to use and resell once you check out the page here. If you want to see more of what the course is all about, I’ve done a review that you can take a look at to make a good decision.

See in the group…


PS…I’ve added 9 additional Unrestricted PLR Rights products that you can use with your software promotions as well as creating your own information products.
You’ll see them in my review here…