Friday’s Newsletter, Last Day for Podcast PLR, New Training Opportunities

Tonight at Midnight EST, our Podcasting PLR increases in price. The same is true for the advanced course on inside…that price also goes up at Midnight tonight.

Get the course today with bonuses here:

Training Note

Tomorrow morning we will reopen our coaching and training program. If you are working with PLR and are interested in turning it into products and affiliate commissions by working with other marketers…this will be for you.

I will, once a month, use the live training sessions to create your product for you. Additionally, you’ll get access to one of our launched products every month.

Insiders…we call them are always at the front of the line in terms of our questions. So we do provide email support to you when you’re working on a project and you need to bounce something off us.

We are adding one new really exciting component that we’ll tell you more about tomorrow.

For “Other Than Business” Niches

If you are working in “other than business niches, we introduced a training program from Paul Counts yesterday. You may have missed our bonus resource addition.

If you’re more interested in working in other niches closer to your heart or that you know better…Paul’s program may suit you well. Get access to his program here (along with our bonus).

Tomorrow’s Weekend PLR Q and A

Tomorrow night, we will do our Weekend Q and A. If you have general questions about PLR and you’d like to see us cover them, please let us know.

Our sessions start at 9 PM EST and go for approximately 30 minutes. You can get a reminder by going here to our YouTube channel if you’d like to attend live.

We do post replays inside of our Facebook Group as well as on our YouTube channel. So, make sure to subscribe to our channel and join our group.

Tomorrow’s Live session is here:

Strategy Note

One of the ways to use Video PLR is to build a course library and then to drive your prospects there through some kind of free offer or training. In recent weeks, I’ve suggested that you offer some kind of free training and generate Leads on the W+ Network.

But the question is…that’s fine for the information marketer niche. What if you’re working with other markets?

The default is always going to be Social Media, but I’d like to suggest that you also take a close look at user forums in the niche as well as trade publications. Why? Because you have to find out where your client hangs out without the social distraction.

Personal Note

You may have heard me mention that this week Sydney has been attending more Suzuki Piano Teacher training. As a result, I’ve been doing the best I can to cover for her in support.

And since she’s better at it than I am…I’ll be glad to get her back.

If’ I’ve missed you and our support response has been slower than usual that’s why. She’ll be back to work on Monday Morning.

We appreciate you as our clients and working with us to provide the kind of training and products that you can rely on to build your business. In fact, we think you’re really going to
like some of the PLR we’ve got coming up this month.