Last Day for FB Launch Pricing, Explaindio Tomorrow and Today’s Newsletter

Today is the last day that launch pricing will
be available for the FB Retargeting PLR
package. Since the start of the launch we’ve
added two additional software packages:
This comes in addition to the 10 bonuses
that you see here.

(If you haven’t visited the page since
early this evening…your’ve probably
missed seeing them)

Today, I’m adding in a NEW bonus for those
of you that go on to pick up the Back End.
It’s a new WordPress Plugin ($37 Value)
called Facebook Hot Content Seeker.

Get Access Until Midnight here:

Tomorrow, we will be providing a special
bonus for those of you in our community
that are purchasing Explaindio or renewing.
We want to make sure that you have solid
instruction on how to turn your PLR into
Animated content using Explaindio.

So, when the product relaunches tomorrow
we will be adding some additional instruction
to the bonus package that’s already in place

1. Whitelabel version of Content Lync
2. Whitelabel version of Green Screen Replacer

All three bonuses will be available at this page
tomorrow morning at 11 AM EST.

Strategy Note: Many of us in the US will
probably be glad when the election is over.
There seems to be nothing but stress
everywhere you go and it’s multiplied

Who will be the clear winner once this
is over? I have an answer.

Facebook, hands down.

The reason I say is is that people are
registering their passionate likes and
dislikes right along side of their buying

They’ll soon be discussing what they
want to buy and sell through the
Craigslist like community. Again,
this is more data for Facebook.

Add to this all of the databases they
are tied to: credit checks and other
places where we’ve given that
information. How do you think that
Facebook “knows” how to find
high net worth clients?

Well the fact of the matter is that they
may know more about our customers
than we know them. So it only makes
sense that we:

1.) Learn how to use all of this information
to our advantage and

2.) Teach our customers how to do the same.

That means you’ll want to get a hold of the
content that gives you PLR to both learn
and teach the process. You can do that
and get two new software bonuses from us
up until midnight tonight here:

Branding Challenge Reboot: You’ll
find this information along with the
first day video I did for it on a blog.
But going back to The First Day of
what I previously called “The Thirty
Day Challenge”, I suggested a
different way to quantify your

Yes, you want to do list building
and yes you want to create
products to sell and yes you
want to get them to buy through
your funnel. But there IS a point
to all of it.

That point is to find those that you
truly resonate with what you do
and then to pitch to them. It’s
like the expression, “Preaching
to the choir”.

You only need 1000 True Fans in
order to sustain an internet
marketing business. They only
need spend $100 per calendar

Can you and I focus on getting at
least one customer per day over
the next three years? Of course
we can.

If you missed it the first time, make
sure to watch the video webinar
I did for Day One. Tomorrow, I’ll
actually talk about what I’m
doing to get 1000 True Fans as
well as the niche(s) I’m working

One thing that you’ll definitely
want to have a handle on though
is how promotions work on sites
like Facebook. Retargeting is a
huge part of that…and you’ve
still got time to get into it with
two new bonuses I placed tonight
for those that pick up the front
and back end here….

Today, I got off to an enormously
slow start. It was one of those
days when absolutely everything
was moving in slow motion.

Usually, a Starbucks cup would
fix it. Not today.

So I did something I normally
don’t do. I went in to do some
looking and posting on Facebook.

Right Sidebar Ad #1: From Suzanne
About being a speaker..

Right Sidebar Ad #2: From Eben

I took note of Eben’s because I’ve
bought from him before. Thankfully,
I already have what he’s selling
because I’d be thinking about it

Pretty simple stuff…once you and
I know what we’re doing. At
minimum, we need to know it
even if we choose not to do it
until later on in our business.

Get started with it here…