Monday Newsletter, 95 New PLR Trainings – 12/26/2016

Hi Charles

Today the 4 Prt 4 Hour Digital Product Workshop is available to you with PowerPoint Slides and Unrestricted Rights. We’re also going to do something we haven’t done in the past in giving you rights to the sales videos, copy and script that we used to put the product together.

You’ll get this exclusively when you pick up Sean Mize’s 95 PLR Audio Trainings. If you pick up any of his upsells, you’ll get resell rights to my sales videos and materials. You can check out Sean’s offer and our bonus here:

Strategy Note

Last Month we did a training on what you should do with PLR audio to get it into a format where you can use it in your online business. There are a number of things you can do to make them profitable.

The first step though is determining what you want to sell and who you want to sell do. There is a four step thinking process:

Niche – What Form Do Buyers in The Niche Expect?

Need – What Are People Struggling With

People – Who Are the People That You “Get”

Product- What Product Answers Their Problem

This will determine the direction of what you’re going to create. Remember, PLR is Raw material..even though you can sell it as is, it works much better when it becomes something else that solves a specific problem.

We’ve done a 4 Part Workshop on Each one of these topics: Niche, Need, People, Product. Today, when you pick up the Sean Mize Audio product, not only will you get access to this workshop…but you’ll also get access to the Sales Materials and Videos I used to sell it.

If you decide to pick up any of Sean’s upsells will get resell rights to my sales materials also.

Day 5 Giveaway

Today’s giveaway is all about getting JV’s. You basically have multiple products and packages that you can reshape into any thing you’re doing on getting more JVs.

The good thing about this kind of PLR is that it can go into anything that’s about making more money online.

As is the case with every day, this package will only be available until the next one is released. Get Access here:

Training Note

This week we will not be doing our regular training. Believe it or not, we’re actually going to take time off. (We’ll actually we’re still going to work on a new product

But instead of doing a formal training, we’ve decided to revisit some of the training we’ve done in 2016. One thing that we covered was what you could do with Digital Audio. He have posted that audio in our Facebook Group Today for your convenience. It will show you some of the directions that you can go if you want to redo Digital Audio into products, bonuses and other assets for your business.

Once you’ve listened to Training, you’ll have a good handle on what you can do if you want to get the 95 Audio Trainings from Sean Mize. We’ve added on some unique bonuses here:

Personal Note

Since I have been involved in internet marketing, some of the things I blew off early, I came back to once I had more experience.

For example, I thought people were making a big deal about thank you pages and one click upsells in 2008. Now in 2016, I am quite religious about both.

One other such thing was Sean Mize’s Audios. I used to think, well..I’d much rather have video (2008). Now, whenever I need to focus in on what I’m doing, I will tune into something
that Sean is talking about in the audios. It stirs my own creativity and gets me thinking about what I really want to say and how I want to market.

You might ask why that’s important to you…

Well it’s this. While you can use PLR to sell more stuff or save time; if it’s really good, you can use it as your entertainment, education or inspiration. But you’re probably wanting things that will help you to be able to sell more.

So, that’s why we’re giving you access to our Digital Product Workshop AND the sales video we used to sell it.

And when you pick up any of the upsells, you can get the resell rights to my sales materials as well as the workshop.

That means you’ve basically got a full solution. And you can get your customers started on the right foot in 2017.