Monday Newsletter: Last Night for Facebook Software, New Impromptu Training, Zoo Plus Press 11/21/2016

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Launch pricing expires in less than a day for the Facebook Instant Articles Platform Software. This is your last opportunity to get the software and our Lead Magnet bonus, which we mentioned to you here:

Strategy Note: As you begin to start making final preparations for your end of the year promotions this is a great time to start creating and promoting “mindset” offers. The reason for this is simple as folks are starting to hit the reset button for 2017.

The question is always what can we do differently? If you can answer that question for others with all of the different angles inside of your niche, you can have good success.

This lends itself toward having an information product of some kind, but it can be all in the angle that you and I take. Some people have their mind made up to:

1.) Invest in their business by getting a premium page builder
2.) Invest in their business by getting a premium membership site plugin.

This can be an awesome opportunity for you and I to give them help when it comes to this with the Zoo Plus Press course. One of the fantastic things about this PLR is that it’s about more
than just teaching the system.

They’re actually getting it so that they know how to launch a product. It is now yours to sell to them here:

Training Note I was unable to find the time to do the impromptu training for yesterday, but I will be doing it tonight. Basically, we’ll cover the next few steps in the process of re-branding your PLR.

As soon as I get a free moment I will post a link inside of the Facebook Group here. Since it’s Thanksgiving Week for us in the States…pinpointing a time for this is tricky. You’ll be able to catch the Live Broadcast here:

Personal Note Yesterday I went to a meeting with the men of my church at one of the guys’ house. Everything was going fine until the end. He happens to have a shrine of memorabilia of the Green Bay Packers. For those of you that know your American Football, you know that Chicagoans and Green Bay mix like oil and water.

Don’t worry, I wasn’t rude…but while the other guys were gawking at this shrine of Packers stuff (gag!) I started playing around with the settings on my phone. It seems that one of the things that I do almost instinctively is to check Facebook. And this is something that I’ve been thinking about when it comes to using their new instant article platform.

I hate to say it but I was looking over the shoulder of some of the other guys in the room at different points and they were checking Facebook too. Have you had that experience?

I thought today…what if I had some content that reached everybody in that room? This platform that Facebook is investing in…is worth teaching, learning and providing or selling resources
to leverage it.

Get Access to this Platform here:


PS…Tomorrow Morning, Aurelius Tjin is releasing a “mindset” based PLR and we have some unique content that you’ll be able to use along with it. We’ll show you what we have tomorrow morning….

PPS…John Delavera’s launch pricing closes sometime tomorrow morning. But by the time we send out our news letter, the price will have gone up. Make sure to get access here tonight