Monday Newsletter – New YouTube PLR + Content Mania Offer Ends 11/7/2016

The PLR Content Offer that we started this weekend will end tonight at midnight PST. What this means is that the bonuses will be moved toward the launch of Desktop Acquisition Manager.

Right now though, you can still get both Window’s based software packages in addition to 1,000,000 PLR Articles. Take advantage of this offer here.

Strategy Note: One of the income stream that we haven’t discussed openly has happened quite by accident. It has been from YouTube.

We’ve been building our channel and creating tutorial for well over five years and some of our videos have consistent traffic. Others (such as our webinars) have routine traffic.

Because our channel over the years has pretty much been about one thing, we’ve actually seen the benefits as Google makes payments. If we were to be more scientific about our channel

1.) Do Analytics**
2.) Optimize Titles
3.) Share our content

We’d probably have more passive income associated with this channel. That being said, what comes with the consistent content has been nice to see.

There is actually a new PLR product released today where the discussion is about becoming a YouTube Celebrity. This is basically (according to the creator) about how to create content and generate income.

We are going to do two additional training sessions for those that pick up this package through our link.

1) For those that pick up the front end, we’re going to do a session on the use of YouTube analytics and give you private label rights.
2) For those that pick up the back end Laurel and I together are going to tell you what she learned from the year she quickly developed a couponing YouTube channel with over 5,000 subscribers.

Years after she stopped producing content to focus on homeschooling, the channel STILL gets new subscribers as well as traffic. We’ll talk about what she learned from doing YouTube during her
coupon video marketing days.

Get our Two Webinar Session Plus the rest of your bonuses here:

Training Note: In my last webinar I talked about how Analytics in YouTube could really be used not just IN the site, but outside of it too. In fact, if you’re doing video of any kind…you
need to be aware of what Google knows about your visitors.

The YouTube Hackathon which will resume tomorrow, will NOT be covering analytics. That requires its on webinar and time to explain how this could affect you and your customers.

However, the training WILL be available with Private Label Rights when you pick up The new YouTube PLR through our page. Get Access to our Analytics Webinar Here:

(remember…you’ll get Laurel’s case study webinar when you pick up the back end here, which will also come with Private Label Rights)
Personal Note: One of the folks who has been giving us some advice on our daughter taking the Classical Music path told us to make sure to “get to know the business end”. In fact, she may even be reading this email.

I have been thinking about that a lot as my daughter is competing to try to get a scholarship for music. But what if they don’t teach her the business end?

As a parent, that’s still my responsibility. And frankly, as an internet marketer shame on me if she doesn’t know how to create an income from her music using YouTube to find her 1000 true fans.

Charity starts at home, right?

Last week, I read that YouTube decided not to try to compete with Netflix to be a content television network. Instead, they want to be a platform for people to be able to create income from stuff they created in their brains.

So, what more valuable thing could you and I be teaching right now whether it’s to our kids or to our neighbors and friends. How to create income from video content. That’s why we’ll be giving you access to:

Front End:
The YouTube Analytics Webinar with Private Label Rights, which isn’t covered fully in the guide or even in our Hackathon.

Back End
Laurel’s Case Study Webinar with Private Label Rights, which you will not be able to get anywhere else.

Get Access During the Earlybird here: