Monday Newsletter, PLR Survey and Sales Funnel PLR Bonuses, Last Day of Giveaway

Today, we’ve put together a special bonus for you for Paul Counts’ latest release of Resell Rights content. He’s calling it “My First Sales Funnel” and has everything that you’ll need to offer to new marketers. You can take a look at our bonus here:

Giveaway Day 12 Finally, we’ve reached Day 12 of our giveaways. Today’s theme is Video Marketing.

We’ve put together a package of resources for you including content and video sites that you can use to work with video marketers.

To get it, we’d like you to do us a big favor and tell us in this training survey what you’d like to see in Video PLR Courses this year. We’re going to start producing subjects on a weekly
basis when possible.

So, if you would, please go here and fill out this brief, 5 minute survey about the kind of content that you’d like to see.

Training Note We will be taking notes from our training survey to figure out what we should be creating in terms of a PLR Video course. We’d like to know though, what you’d like to see in terms of subjects as well as components.

We’ve put together a 2017 Survey that we’d like to you to fill out that will tell us, If you could tell us….

What’s currently NOT in Video PLR courses that you’d like to see included…

What subjects you’d like to see covered in Video PLR

We’ll use this information to start our production schedule. Take a look at our survey here:

Strategy Note Tomorrow Morning at 9 AM EST, Sajan and Justin will be releasing a PLR product about passive income. This will be a great topic, if you’re looking to sell to people inside of the internet marketing niche.

We’re in the process of putting together our bonus for this and will have it ready at our normal link tomorrow morning. It will be entirely different from the exclusive training bonus we’ll be offering for Paul Counts’ PLR package here:

Personal Note One of the most important understandings I’ve had as an internet marketer happened this year when I went to the Warrior Event. That was the importance of funnels.

I’m going to be passing on to you and your customers and it may give you a new understanding of what we’re all trying to do as marketers. It will be perfect for the product that Paul Counts is offering here.

I’ll be doing two live trainings: one for front end buyers and then a second for back end buyers. Eventually, I’ll use these webinars inside of one of my paid products. But today, you can get them in advance and start using them in your business. Here they are…..