Monday Newsletter – Replay, Expiring Offers, New Strategy


The launch pricing for two things I’ve told you about end is ending almost as quickly as they began. First, Online Business Videos’ launch pricing ends tonight at Midnight EST.

As you know we’ve added in our own bonus which is a set of 10 videos showing you the OptimizePress Blog Building Process. Get access to our videos and this superb package of videos here:

Secondly, the Simple Video Plugin from Paul and David is ending its launch pricing and going back to the regular price tonight at Midnight PST. I just heard from Paul who said they’re leaving it open all day today (Halloween).

We’ve got a great bonus, but there are other reasons to take a serious look at this. If you don’t have a video player and you do WordPress it is a great solution. If you go and buy Easy Video Player, you’re talking $197 or even VooPlayer which I am huge fan off, you’ll pay $67. This WordPress Based Plugin does the job at $27 for the multi-site license.

Here is the key point though. David Perdew has been using this plugin for years to run his business. He got together with Paul in order to offer this plugin to the Zoo Community.

He keeps it supported and updated because he has members outside of the Zoo Community that depend on it. So you’re getting something that an industry veteran will stand behind and keep updated.

Get yours here before the price goes back to $67….

Strategy Note: If you have not yet positioned yourself for the Holiday Season to have something viable to offer it still isn’t too late. You have a number of options available to you.

What you don’t want to do is to start a process that isn’t connected to your business to take you out of your operational flow. You want to take some of your operation and divert it into something that can bring you additional cash flow.

A GREAT way to do this is to move your digital inventory of PLR and products into a Physical Product.  You can do this regardless of the niche you’re in. But at this time of year, it works especially well in niches outside of the Make money online niche.

People are looking for little things that may inspire the people in their life to aspire for better success in different area of their lives. You can take your PLR and turn it into:

  • Books
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Workbooks

Then make it available on Amazon, In Udemy and on your website. In this case, you can make use of sites like Kunaki and Vervante to give your customers the opportunity to buy direct and have it shipped to them without you having to put your hands on it.

So look through your inventory of products and then determine what might be a good fit. Then start getting those products ready for the holidays.

If you’re struggling with some of the technical aspects of setting up sales and selling systems, you can use this set of videos on OptimizePress and other systems. When you use our bonus, you can start moving an idea like this forward.

Make sure to get it though before the launch price ends at midnight EST.

Training Note: In yesterday’s training webinar, we discussed how you could be effective in the use of Horizontal and Vertical Funnels. We talked about how you’d want to use your list management strategy right along side of your funnel management.

One of the things that you’ll notice if you watch and or listen to the video all of the way through is that what we’re really talking about here is product development.

In a future session we’ll get into the actual product creation. You can check out the replay here now:

Personal Note: Here in PA, everyone last night was so consumed with American Football (Dallas and Philadelphia) that they missed the fact that there was Championship Baseball being played.

The absolute nerve of these people… 🙂

And thankfully, the Cubs won last night (if you bother to follow baseball) and thus live to play another day. They have an uphill battle and must win the next two to win the championship.

The Cubs will be back to the World Series though (even if they lose this time)..and this isn’t speculation. It’s almost fact. Here’s why.

The general manager rebuilt the minor league system from the ground up; rebuilt operations; rebuilt management and found young enthusiastic players to fit their system. The Superstars and fancy stuff was placed on top of a firm foundation.

It’s the way we all need to play the game whether it’s baseball or internet marketing. We place the fancy stuff on top of a firm business foundation.

One part of your foundational infrastructure is having a video player for your website. Getting one where the owner stands behind it is massively important.

That way, building your fancy stuff works because it’s on top of the right kind of foundation. It’s a good deal at the regular price….but it’s a great deal at it’s original launch price.

But, the launch price ends tonight…