Monday Newsletter, The PLR Summit, Last Day for Social Media Firesale Bonunses

Today is the last day for launch pricing and our bonus for the Social Media Firesale Package. Remember that in addition to the resell rights packages, we’re providing a customized software install of the PLR. Get Our offer until midnight EST here:

Training/PLR Summit Note

The theme for the Summit is finding your “true fans”, which you may have heard addressed in your readings on entrepreneurship. Earlier this year, I did a series of webinars that I had hoped would become a Thirty Day Challenge. However, I was only able to complete nine.

But since most of the Summit Speakers will be addressing this and relating it to how to use PLR to find your true fans, it’s a good idea that you hear our training
again in case you missed.

Here is Session One, for your review:

Strategy Note

One of the questions that has come up most recently is on where the best place to go would be if you wanted to use audio podcasting as your content platform.

Note, what I’m not saying here is that it’s the best platform, or even the best for you. But it IS a platform, has advantages over video and in my opinion will be one way that some people will want to consume content.

I currently use Go To Webinar, Skype with Pamela and YouTube with Audio Stripping. All of them afford me the luxury of being able to record live and upload later.

However, one of the easiest paid platforms to use for me has been Blog Talk Radio. The reason is that all your interviewee has to do is to call in and your session
is recorded.

You can edit the session if you want or you can just leave it up and it’s automatically fed to ITunes. I haven’t found an easier and more efficient system for someone that wants to do live audio and podcasting.

Blog Talk Radio comes with a fee but I will say this. If the technology and all of the other stuff gets in your way and you never get a podcast done, you’ll laugh about the fee.

Ultimate Insider Notes

Today we added a new section to the learning library for audio content. And we started this part of the library with four audios:

1.) Traffic From Content
2.) Making Your First Sale
3.) Optimizing Your Sales Funnel
4.) Overcoming Distractions

These are great audios to listen to when you have wait time, time in your car or the gym for exercise. In some cases, the audios come with Master Resell Rights, which means you can also use them in your business.

If you haven’t yet signed up as an Ultimate Insider you can do so here:

Personal Note

Today, my oldest daughter is off to do an audition and because it’s going to be icy and snowy I’m elected to drive her to the school. The last audition for the full ride at the school we’re all really prayerfully wanting to hear from said on Friday we’d know in two weeks what the decision is.

We’ll know whether they elect her into the Music program, first and if there is a scholarship award in the package, it will be in there. So the clock starts 14 days from yesterday, allowing for mail time. When we went to pick her up, there was another music student that was there talking to her.

He asked her for her social media and she said…she wasn’t really on and didn’t have any real accounts.

So he asked if he could keep in touch with her by phone/text…


Thankfully, she said, “oh have you met my Dad?”

She probably rescued that boy from something…I wasn’t wanting to hear about all of this “let’s keep in touch” stuff.

But as I thought about it, she really does need to get her Social Media going as a musician. It’s clear that college or no, its going to be on her to market herself

This may be a good start….