New Year’s Day Newsletter, One Million PLR Articles Added

Today, at the request of one of our Insiders, we added a bundle of 1 million PLR articles to our Ultimate Insider Coaching Program. When you sign up for our program, you’ll get our weekly training and business building resources too.

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Training Note

We wrapped up the end of 2016 with two training webinars that you may have missed. On the Friday Impromptu webinar, we talked about getting a result as the key to hacking the Make Money Online Information Marketing niche.

On our Saturday Call, we discussed the use of video and YouTube in particular in the coming year. YouTube is now what Ezine Articles used to be and may be the most effective way of turning your PLR into content and products.

Here is a link to the Friday Webinar:

Check out the Saturday Webinar too:

Today’s Giveaway

Today’s Giveaway package is all about Goal Setting and Goal Accomplishment. Since we’re now at the beginning of the year, you’ll be able to use this content in several

One of the best ways to use the content is in context of your beginning of the year email or blog post. Not only could you use some of the content from it, but you could also provide a giveaway yourself.

Tomorrow is the last day of our 12 Day Give Aways. We definitely hope that you’ve been able to use this content in your business. We will have something special planned for tomorrow.

Here is today’s link:

Strategy Note

Yesterday we snuck in an offer for you to do some one on one time with us. That offer will be available until Midnight PST.

After that time, we will go up on the price of our 30 Day Challenge. But you can still get it at the lowest possible price here.

It’s important that you to through the process of writing down what you’d like to accomplish and then allowing us to help you to chart a course. Remember, we’ll also do a 15 minute
audio interview with you so that you can use it to promote yourself on your new plan. It’s the best way to use the content inside of the 30 Day Challenge.

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Personal Note

Today, before starting to write this email, I sat down in my chair ready to think through what to say. It was pretty much then without warning that I ended up taking a pretty good snooze.

40 minutes later, I woke up with pretty much the same thought about what to say about 2017. As you know, we have a belief that if you’re consistent about your content and training in your (saturated) niche, you will eventually rise to the top.

But, as I’m sure you’re discovering, the process of creating content when you’re busy relies on you being able to put your hands on good resources. That’s why it’s important for us to explain that when we call our program a “coaching” program, it’s so much more than that.

Yes, we do indeed do a weekly session where you can ask anything and get us to answer. But it’s also a place where we put together some of the best internet marketing business building resources together for you to use to go with the training.

We include the PLR we create, but we also have a learning library where we give you content on the subjects you want to learn about to make you more effective including:

Facebook Ads
YouTube Ads
Affiliate Marketing

…and it grows every single week as we continue to find good things for you to use to become a better marketer.

And this year, we’re adding to and expanding the program to include so much more to make this program the one resource you must have if you’re going to be an internet marketer.

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PS…If you’d rather have a little more intimate and private session outside of our group session, we have an interesting bonus for you when you get our 30 Day Challenge course. Take a look at it here before we close it out at midnight PST or all the spots are gone.