PLR Hackathon Phase One Comes to An End, Earlybird Bonus for 50 New PLR Video Courses, Phase Two of the Hackathon

You now have access to a Massive Bonus Package
to help you with 50 Video Courses being released
today. As promised, it’s practical because it fits
exactly what you’re getting to help you to sell and
market the courses.

Software To Reach Customers
Sales Letters
Minisite Templates
Video Enhancing Templates

We’ve also put together two levels of plugins for
in the upsell checkout area. For Level One,
we’ve put together these premium plugins:

Geo Content
Swipe Book

For Level Two Upsell Buyers, you’re getting:

Support Bot
Instant Decor

These will be available throughout the launch, but
there is an earlybird pricing schedule starting at
9 AM EST. Check out the page here:

Training Note The Hackathon is coming to a close.
The Recordings are available, but we will be ending
the Live Sessions tonight into tomorrow.

Once this Ends, Phase Two will begin for you if
you’ve purchased the Resell Rights portion of the
course. What you’ll have access to is a live
example of taking the principles of the course
and doing a real “tear down”, build up and

This will give you a great upsell to the front end
course, which already has massive value with
over 12 live sessions that you’ll be selling on the
front end.

As soon as the Hackathon is over the price of
the course will be $27 for the Front End with
Resell Rights and $17 to $37 on the back end.
But you can get access to the course now
(still rising in price on a dime sale) for much
less than that.

Get Access Here:

Strategy Note In talking to Mark Hess
and Darren Ross yesterday at Panera Bread,
I was able to bounce some ideas off them
to get deeper into the niche faster that I
have been telling you about throughout

As you know, Laurel and I do definitely
want to be an advocate for small local
business. Ironically, this is poised to make
a comeback.

We’re considering tabling our Weekly
Workshop in Harrisburg in favor of going
deep into our podcast. Rather than spread
ourselves to thin, we’re thinking that we
need to give first to that niche and that
the best way to do that…being new to
the niche is to build our platform.

One thing we’ve realized is something I
bet you’ve realized too. As internet
marketers in our niche, we already know
what it takes to monetize a podcast.

It takes a subscriber list and it takes a
series of offerings to meet their needs,
which we find out about by surveying
them. We then move them into the
products and services that fit them and
give them a solution that they choose.

We’ll be undertaking that process with
Phase Two of the Hackathon. We’re
now going to take all of the principles
that we talk about in the live session
and put them into a real product.

To get access to Phase Two, you’ll
want to make sure you have Phase
One here. Once you get it, make sure
to pick up the upsell which is Phase
Two (Resell Rights Edition).

Personal Note Last night, I think I got
a little nervous about Lana’s upcoming
audition when I realized that she’d pro-
bably be up against some pretty stiff
talent. But she seems to be stepping
up her practice as it gets closer which
is good.

Laurel is playing “The Enforcer” and
making sure that she doesn’t veer off
and reminds her that she needs to
keep her practice time up around
four hours. As we speak they’re
off to her old piano teacher in order
to actually practice on a real grand
piano…similar to the ones she’ll
be auditioning on.

We recognize that the practice is
all about confidence when she goes
in there. If she does the routine
enough, we’re figuring she’ll have
the muscle memory to play on

We also figured out along with her
that her passion for piano and
her desire to get this scholarship
wasn’t enough. She had to put
in time going over the scales and
the steps.

The same is true in turning your
PLR into something sellable. It
isn’t enough to WANT to sell a
cool product or even to have passion
for your niche.

At some point, you and I have to
put in the work. And that’s what
we’ll be doing in Phase Two of the

Get Access here: