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Why are we recommending Sajan and Justin and why for a Bing Ads Package?

Sajan and Justin typically put together good graphics and have in the past created solid content that I would have no problem passing on to my customers.  Plus, we are big believers in having more than enough content for teaching and branding purposes on webinars.

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Get Our Bonus and Sajan's Package

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  • q-iconThere are TWO Bonus Pages: Do I Get Both Sets Or Do I Have to Choose?

    You actually get the bonuses you see here PLUS the bonuses you see on the page you are about to click through to.  You’ll get these bonuses through the checkout area. The Bonuses on the page you’re clicking through to…you’ll get those inside of the product.

  • q-iconThis is A LOT of Products On PPC and Paid Ads...Don't I Only Need the Sajan and Justin's?

    Yes and No. If you’re simply learning the material, you’ll do well by studying Sajan and Justin’s course…but, if you want to sell the course, you’ll have lots of bonuses to use.

  • q-iconWhy Do You Talk About Having Bonuses for Affiliates To Use?

    Because you can make it easier for your affiliates to promote for you by giving them bonuses to offer their list or their customers.  That will help them to sell your product faster.

Get Our Bonus and Sajan's Package