Saturday Newsletter, New Productivity PLR and Tonight’s Training

The PLR Package that we told you about
yesterday is being released this morning
at 9 AM EST as an earlybird offer. We’ve
put together an exclusive set of resources
for you to use whether you’re selling, teaching
or using the content.

You’re getting an additional course of 8 videos,
where we show your clients how they can
use productivity tools to apply the principles
taught in the course. You can use our course
as an additional upsell, as content for your
site or as bonus content.

To help you use it, we constructed a piece
of rebrandable software for the course. This
will help you to get it in a form that’s ready to
sell or giveaway.

You’re also getting repurpose rights to a video
course we created on productivity for internet
marketers. You’ll get the video and the slides
so that you’ll have even more content to use
in attracting people interested in productivity.

Of course, in that course we taught on how to
use a certain software package to get the
results mentioned in the course. You’ll also
get access to that software as part of our

Get Access to Our Entire package here:

Training Tonight

We have decided to switch
out our regular Q and A Training and Instead
we’re going to redo the PLR to Product Training
that didn’t record for you if you picked up
Edmund’s PLR.

Although the training is open to everyone, the
recording and rights will be passed on to the
bonus page when the training is completed.
That means that you’ll still be able to use it
as bonus content with Ed’s PLR.

This will take you from the Actual PLR Videos
all the way through a Lead Gen process and/or
a Sales Process. We’ll get started tonight at

Here is the link to the training:

Strategy Note

The best way to use the Productivity
content is to use it as a way not only to get product
sales…but also to get affiliate commissions from
consumer products. This niche is full of people looking
to improve on what they’re trying to do.

The planning niche, bullet journaling and the current
craze over getting organized is…at the end of the
day all about doing what we can to be more productive.
You can be creative in the tools you make available
through the content…even as you sell it to other
marketers and entrepreneurs.

Personal Note

Given that my oldest daughter is
leaving for college next week, we decided it’s a little
ambitious for us to do our next launch. So we’ll
be pushing it back one week.

We may in fact do this product closer to the
end of the year and give you the next release
of more of our Business Applications training
as PLR. We will keep you posted on what’s
coming next.

See You Tonight at 9 PM EST