Saturday Newsletter, Change in Whitelabal Audio Bonus, Customized Software Added to Digital Nomad (Last Day of Launch Price)

Hi Charles

The bonus I offered for the Whitelabel Audio benefited you if you wanted to USE the PLR, and I should have also had something that you would need if you we focused on selling this massive package.

I rectifying that today by giving you plugins you’ll need to sell this content as a bonus.

FIRST, you will need to be able to store and access the content on demand. So, I’m giving you the “Cloud Save It” Plugin today as an additional bonus.

SECOND, you will need to stream some of the samples from Amazon S3. I’ve got you covered there too and I’ll pass along the S3 Plugin.

THIRD, if you pick up the back end, you’ll probably be using video which means that you will also need a video selling tool. So, I’m adding the Video Ad Placer plugin to the back end bonus.

Here’s the thing….

You may have missed the 2nd entire page of additional bonuses because all you saw was Digital Acquisition Manager for the front end and 45 Stock Video for the back end as the bonus.

So, I’ve taken the page out with that bonus package, so that you can see the 10 you’re getting inside of the product. So today, I think I’m doing a better job of explaining to you the great deal both Darren and I are passing on to you.

Training Note

Tonight we’ll do our typical Q and A Webinar. If you have questions that you’d like to see me cover…please hit “reply” to this email and let me know what you’d like me to answer.

The Training call starts at 9:00 PM EST and will go no longer than 30 minutes. If you’d like to attend live, you can do so here.

The call will be recorded, if you can’t make it for some reason.

Sign Up here:

Strategy Note

Yesterday, I met and talked to a sharp internet marketer who is quietly using PLR in her business. I may be able to get her in an interview so you can meet her soon…

Regardless, I can tell you what she’s doing so you can incorporate it into your strategy. One person as a group that she teaches offline as well as online. She does events where she trains other people like her in solo-entrepeneurship.

She has set herself up as an authority and her people follow her real life example. She is actually teaching the concept to her group as to how to use PLR.

And they’re eating it up!

So, the moral of that story is that there is probably a group someplace where you could teach exactly what you know and you’d be 20 years ahead. I sincerely believe that the hybrid of offline and online will attract these people to you.

The information she’s teaching is so valuable to her group that she charges a retail price for her coaching. This I think…again is a function of her making herself present in their lives offline in addition to online.

She’s also created the perfect platform to be able to teach her people how to use products like this…set them up and sell them without sharing the commissions

Personal Note

Last night, I met here in Harrisburg with a Partner of mine on several projects. We went to a place that quite honestly I never even knew existed. Ever since I’ve lived in Harrisburg, I’ve actually been working from home. So, I don’t always have occasion to drive around.

I probably know Cleveland where I first worked after college, better than Harrisburg where I’ve lived now full time since 2009. It’s a hurdle to overcome as I try to develop rapport with small
business owners in this market to teach online business.

Having workshops helps and the key to doing them on higher and more grander scale is to at minimum have:

1.) Gifts to Give…and

2.) Lower ticket products to sell

This is the way to keep costs covered and make it worth it to do the workshops. A diverse set of PLR product is the easiest way to achieve this.

Some people want to buy things they can learn, but others want to buy things they can use. That’s why buying the Whitelabel Audio package makes such good sense. You have tools that you’re selling that your customer can actually use. The bonuses that I mentioned earlier will help you in that process….

Get Access to the entire package here:


PS…The launch pricing for Digital Nomad Secrets ends tonight at Midnight EST. I’ve added a brandable custom software application to the front end and back end as an additional bonus…..