Saturday Newsletter: Content Mania and Webinar Mention 11/5/2016

Hello Everyone:

Today we are giving you access in One Bundle a Total PLR Management Solution. There is one catch…the bundle is a bonus for Content Mania and that bundle will only be available for a limited time. The Bonus Bundle includes:

1.)1,000,000 PLR Article Package (MRR)
2.) Desktop Acquisition Manager Windows
Based Sofware
3.) PLR Manager Software with Master
Resell Rights

This bundle will be available on the Front page of the download center for this limited time offer for content mania. Once the bundle bonus ends, we’ll be removing the front page membership

Why Limited Time?

Once we offer Desktop Acquisition Manager for Sale as a separate product…we can no longer obviously offer it as a bonus. And since it help us to manage our purchases, it’s a cool piece of software all by itself.

Strategy Note: One of the reasons that we think it’s important to have good content rewriting software is so that you can personalize high quality content.

Spinning is only one way of doing business with content.

Getting highly informative content and then rewriting to add your own spin actually adds to your authority. Your content can be used then in blogs, presentations, webinars and videos.

Content Mania is a very flexible application that you can use for keeping track of how close you are to the message that you were trying to analyze. And with our bonus bundle, you’re actually getting an additional set of PLR content for you to use and analyze.

Get Access to Content Mania and our bonuses here:

Training Note: Tonight, we’ll be doing our normal Weekend Q and A Webinar. The call will start tonight at 9 PM EST.

Tonight we’ll be talking about different aspects and Hacks with the YouTube business Model. What we don’t finish, we’ll actually do next week on the PLR call.

If you’d like to attend live, you can do so here. If you have a specific question that you’d like to discuss please try to let me know ahead of the call and I will find time to cover it.

Sign up for the training call here:

Personal Note: A number of you that picked up Laurel’s Extreme Couponing PLR course know that when she wrote wasn’t research. She did it from her own experience.

What I’ve noticed about all of this couponing is that it’s ALOT of work, alot of details and a lot to remember once you get the store. But the rewards are big once you know what you’re doing.

So, when I actually sat and listened to her course I was struck by all of the systems that you have to organize and track. The biggest key to getting anything done with it is being able to

1.) Know where you put stuff
2.) Get stuff when you need it

The same is true for your success in using PLR. You have to know where you put stuff and then be able to get access to it when you need it.

That’s why we’ve included the bonus bundle for Content Mania. You’ll be more effective in using PLR when you do.

Content Mania is awesome all by itself. But it’s even better when you’ve got resources to fully leverage it such as

1.) 1,000,000 PLR Articles
2.) Desktop Acquisition Manager
3.) PLR Manager Software

Get the entire bundle here (until we put Desktop Acquition Manager for sale seperately…)


PS…Yesterday, we told you about a pretty cool PLR offer which we added a unique and helpful bonus. Did you see it in our email yesterday?