Saturday Newsletter, Extended Bonuses, Training Sign Up

You liked the name your bonus offer I made but you wanted to be in our Ultimate Insider Coaching. That’s fair and if that’s you, then I will extend the same offer and make it even sweeter.

I’ll still give you the Liz Tomey Interview, and I’ll give you any of the training that you want. But I’m going to go one step further.

You get a real opportunity to build your list…

There is one thing I’ve said in my webinars that I haven’t said one the sales page. As part of the coaching program, if you have a relevant original product relevant to what we’re selling at
the time, we’ll give you a spot on our download page.

Here is the most recent update to our coaching program…

Training Note Tonight at 9 PM EST, we’ll be doing our Weekend Webinar. Tonight we’ll be covering your questions as well as a new topic.

One of the topics I will be talking about will be turning digital products into physical products and then selling them both online and offline. This is the subject of out upcoming PLR and we’ll give you a birdeye view of the topic tonight. Sign up for tonight’s webinar here:

Strategy Note Because both Groupon and Living Social hold on to the actual payment AND no longer accept digital courses, the strategy to sell your content there is a little more difficult.

But it can still be profitable…here’s how:

The problem with Groupon Goods is that they don’t even listen to you if you want to offer an online course. However, what if you were to package your courses into a physical format? And what if..even if no one bought, that you captured the leads on the page?

You’d have your digital product business on the page and you’d be paying advertising expense on what you shipped. Most of that you’d get back at the end of the month when Groupon paid you.

It’s yet another way to get your digital products in front of a new audience. We’ll talk about this in general tonight. But we’ll talk about it in depth inside of our new PLR product, which you’ll get along with the upsell as member of our Ultimate Insider Coaching program.

You can see our most recent update to the program here:

Personal Note The main reason that we started the coaching program was that we remember that it wasn’t ALL of the time that we had questions we needed answers to…But it was that one or two times we spent hours looking for a reliable answer that we just bailed on the project and started something else.

In other words, it wasn’t so much that we had “Shiny Object Syndrome” or Information overload. It was that we sought answers and couldn’t find them. You and I both know what it’s like taking
free advice on YouTube for something critical….

The other night, I shared with you an interview that I did with Darren Ross. There is no reason ever for what happened to him, to happen to anyone. But at that time…He was like many of
us. He didn’t know who to believe and who to trust.

We’ll do everything in our power not to let it happen to you. That’s another reason for us to be here for you when you’re member in the Ultimate Insider Coaching. When you think about the fact that:

1.) Ultimate Insider emails move to the front of the line and get answered first…

2.) You’re getting a real list building opportunity on our product launches You have what you need to succeed.

Get Access here, before we go up on the price.