Saturday Newsletter – New Site, Training, Zoo Plus Press and Software Sales Strategy 11/19/2016

We didn’t mention that our Zoo Plus Press package includes the upsell pages and affiliate pages as of right now. We decided not to create a separate upsell for them right now.

That means that you can actually get the graphics and materials for the entire funnel in our package as of today in addition to all of the other bonuses here:

Tonight’s Training: Tonight we’ll be answering Greg’s question from the Facebook Group about how to re-brand PLR software. We’ll actually work with a live package and then talk about the marketing strategy involved.

If you’d like to attend tonight’ call live, you can do so here:

If you’d like to follow along with your own PLR, we’ll be working with the newly released PLR package + my bonus here:

Feedback Requested

We have decided to make our Small Business Marketing News Site More Relevant to PLR and what you’re actually looking for. But we’d like your feedback on what to include.
We’d love your Feedback inside of The PLR Show Facebook Group. We’ll start a thread later on today. What we’ll be doing is including the relevant marketing news and PLR resources available.

You can check out our Small Business Marketing News site here and then head over to the Group to let us know what we can add in order to help you. **Note, this used to be an “Offline Marketing” Trend Site. We are now updating it to fit what it is you and I do every day.

Strategy Note I don’t know if I’ll have time to talk about this fully tonight, but here is the basic PLR strategy that you and I could undertake if we’re buying on a regular basis.

First, let me give you Greg’s question in the Group:

Hello all!
Is there anyone in the group with the
knowledge to take a white label product
& make it into their own? I have purchased
several white label softwares as bonuses
and they are currently just collecting dust
on my hard drive. Is there anyone here I
can PAY to show me how to take the
files and put everything together??

Here is one answer which doesn’t address this directly (we’ll do that in the training tonight), but speaks to a more important issue…

PLR is inventory and raw material for awesome offers. Yours and My responsibility is to find out what we should be bringing to the marketplace. What is wanted from customers like yours?
What are they asking for? What can can you uniquely provide?

Once you know that, you then go to construct the product. Like any other company, you should then go and “manufacture” what is being asked for.

Instead of going to get iron and plastic or other kinds of metal, you’re going into your inventory to get different pieces of PLR to match up what the market wants.

YES, you can sell it right out of the box. But once that product’s shelf life has run out, there are many more uses for your PLR. But it starts with knowing what product is needed and then going to your inventory to manufacture it.

We’ll talk more about this on the call….but, you can follow along by picking up your own copy of this:

Personal Note: I am currently going through a “purge” of my social media. It wasn’t because I was reaching my “limit” of friends. It was mainly because my friends don’t necessarily understand fully what I do and when they see different things I’m tagged in… they wonder, WHAT the heck are Charles and Laurel doing?

So, for now, rather than do explaining or go through the process of changing privacy and all of that stuff, I just went through and unfriended a bunch of people. I’ll pick them up later or maybe they won’t even notice. 🙂

The other part of this is that I am admittedly needing to focus and all of the political discussion is distracting. It’s really time for me to start publishing and putting more of my content on the site to people that might want and be interested in it.

That’s why I’m pretty excited about this new Facebook Instant Articles set up. It’s all based on how good you and I are at creating the kind of content that our audience really wants.

You and I are going to want to make sure to tell our customer base about this even if we don’t necessarily want to do it ourselves. I’ve made it easy for you to do that with the bonus that comes with this Resell Rights Software package.

You can get access to it here:


PS…On Wednesday, I’ll be interviewing an expert on the number one thing you and I need to do to make physical changes in our body. I will be giving you the opportunity to use this interview in your business tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for my email tomorrow!