Saturday Newsletter: Tonight’s Training, Last Night for Mindset Bonuses at Launch Pricing – 11/26/2016

Tonight is the last night that the Mindset PLR as well as our Personal Bonuses will be available at launch pricing. In addition to the regular bonus package we’re also giving you unlimited PLR Rights to the mindset content we personally listen to and use ourselves.

There are mindset bonuses specifically for the front and as well as even more detailed and specific trainings (with unlimited PLR Rights) for the back end.

Get Access Before Midnight Tonight Here:

Training Note: Tonight will be our normal Internet Marketing Q and A Webinar at 9 PM EST. If you have any questions that you’d like to see us cover, please let us know by hitting the “reply” button and sending us (Laurel and I) a message.

We will be working from the list of questions and concerns you listed in when you filled out the training survey. If you don’t have time to hit the reply button, make sure to fill out our
training survey.

Here is the sign up link for training:

Strategy Note: The mindset audios that we passed on to you as a bonus on the front could easily be an information product for people outside of the internet marketing niche.

You would have to make a small investment of time into the transcription or money ($60 per hour) so get a document created. I would then have the documents divided into 30 or 60 days and
associated with at least four offers.

There is another part of the strategy that I’ll go over with you in tonight’s training. That part would make it even more sellable and maintenance free.

The first part though is that you’d want to make sure to pick up the mindset PLR + our bonuses for the front and back end here.

Once you’ve listened to these audios for yourself (even if you are going to sell them) please contact me and let me know what you think….

Personal Note: When I first started working at the boarding school, I was 30. I recognized that living with 13 teenaged boys, meant that if they sensed that I was “cool” that I’d be a pushover.

So, I adopted a persona of being a tough old man. What’s funny about this is that at some point I started to believe it and that the boys believed it too.

It lent itself to being an era of mutual respect. I learned at that point that what I thought in my mind about something really did matter.

Prior to that, I thought that all of the “mind over matter” stuff to be a bunch of baloney.

This is why I went to select what I think is some of the best stuff on the kind of mindset we can benefit from as entrepreneurs in general and internet marketers in particular.

It’s so good that the audios I’m giving you unlimited rights to are those that I personally listen to a regular basis. It is a superb compliment to the PLR package that you’re getting along with it.

Get access to the entire bonus package here:

Charles (and Laurel)