Sunday Newsletter – 11/6/2016

The software offer that I told you about yesterday will be available for at least one more day (today). Again, as fair warning, I’ll be removing the bonus as soon as Desktop Acquisition Manager becomes its own offer.

Our Bonus of 1 Million PLR Articles will travel with Desktop Acquisition Manager when it launches. The PLR Manager obviously, which currently has Master Resell Rights will remain although
we are considering removing the resell rights.

You can still get access to the entire bundle today:

Strategy Note One of the things that we did when we were selling Offline PLR that you could very easily do as part of your offer is to turn your product into a hybrid service. Basically, you want to do part of the work for your customers so you’re selling them the convenience that they can’t get elsewhere.

For example, instead of selling them just the emails, you could sell them preloaded Autoresponder Messages. This means that you’d need to maintain your autoresponder accounts in order
to give them access to your campaigns.

Aweber, Getresponse and Mailchimp will allow you to share your campaigns. So once you’ve set your follow ups…all you’ll need to do is to give the code to your buyers.

Then instead of buying follow up messages in Word Documents, they’re buying ready to go campaigns. You have removed the hassle and increased the value.

Either you increased the urgency for your prospects to get your low priced offer…or you can just increase the price for people to get whenever they’re ready. You basically tailor this kind of offer to your prospects and customers.

You can use this strategy in just about any niche when you’re able to get the bonus that goes with our PLR Management System Software.

It’s available for an extremely limited time here:

Training Note: Last night I started a YouTube Tech Training Series that I thought I could finish easily in 30 minutes. It had about 8 parts to it.

Of course, I was only able to finish one part. As you’ll hear on the training, I’m not sure how to finish the entire training.

I’ve called the Training my YouTube Hackathon. You can watch Part One here.

I may extend into our PLR Show call on Wednesday, but I’ll decide closer to that day.

Personal Note: One of the things that we discussed about YouTube last night is that presently they seem to want us to create lots of video and they’re providing tools to help us to do it. We leverage it in our business while we can and while it’s favorable to us.

But the basic fundamentals of YouTube haven’t changed. Provided that you and I aren’t doing any thing to game the system, their robots try to reward the content that people find interesting.

The way to make sure that we’re consistently pumping out good content in our videos is to:

1.) Have lots of interesting content available and
2.) Be able to find it when we need it

We’ve put those specific factors together in our bonus for Content Mania. In fact, Content Mania solves another related problem…

How can I make the content original without taking out the main ideas?

This will be available possibly for another day. But as soon as Desktop Acquisition Manager is made available for sale…this bonus goes away.

Frankly though, as I said yesterday…Content Mania is a neat little program all by itself. It’s just even better when you use it with our bonuses.

Get Access here: