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Training Note

If you missed our Weekly Q and
A Training, you can get access to it here.
We had a number of questions last night including

1.) Do I have to completely change PLR?

2.) Are Skype Interviews Automatically Recorded

We also covered how to create Unique Content
with your PLR and for your PLR. The key
issue that was discussed was based on how
to best make it profitable.

Basically, we talked about bridging the gap
between whatever your niche is and the
actual PLR. In fact, it is my belief that you
don’t even half to try to “put your name on it”
in order to make profitable.

Where you add and provide the most value
is being an expert in your niche. By doing
this, you can properly leverage PLR effectively.

Strategy Note

Two of the other questions that
came up in last night’s training touched on
software. There are two different issues and
both are about strategy.

First, can you go to market with PLR if you
don’t necessarily change it much. We just
covered that a bit above…but you can also
do it with the rebrandable software I have
been telling you about.

If you create the software and you use the
existing PLR graphics and you are consistent
you can pretty much generate leads once
you figure out what you have to do to get
an offer to convert.

And conversion in this case can be a simple
as getting someone to Opt-In to what you’re
trying to do. Dana, one of the attendees
pointed out that there is a marketer that
does this with every PLR product that
comes out.

So, again…its very actionable and very
doable. You can get the rebrandable
software creator here:

The other question and answer that came
up was about niche and affiliates. The
question was…can you expect to get
affiliates when you’re new.

The answer is sometimes. If you can
get a product selling and noticed an in
the top ten at W+, you can attract the
attention of affiliates looking for
an “undervalued asset”.

This means that the affiliate has discovered
something to promote to his or her
community that is flying below the
radar because the person is new.

It’s a win-win. The affiliate gets to
tell their community about something
and not compete with other affiliates.
The new marketer gets more sales
and exposure.

We further discussed on this point
that I am asked by different marketers
to promote PLR. Generally, I say
no…even it is fantastic.

The reason is that I’ve focused my
attention on Business related PLR
Issues and Topics. This is also why
I generally stay away from software
unless it really helps the Business
PLR process.

I do deviate from time to time..but it’s
rare. All of the resources I have are
built around Business content. If
I were to start looking at Self Help
related issues…I’d have to get bonuses
and resources for that.

In the long run it doesn’t make sense
to me as a marketer…nor to you if you
read this newsletter. One of the few
software products that we reccomend
is long past it’s launch date but we still
feel its one of the best tools availble
to sell your PLR offers:

Personal Note

Today, Sydney and I
travel back to Harrisburg as she has
completed 9 days of Suzuki Piano
Teacher Training. I’m looking forward
to getting back to my home office but
also getting her back in charge of
Support. 🙂

She typically doesn’t work on Sundays
and I have been amenable to that..
But today might have to be an

Tomorrow, we are going to release
a limited Edition of our LIVE PLR.
This is an edited 5 Session Course
on Launching on Warrior Plus.

The reason that this product will
be slightly different is that you’ll
have the ability to sell the PLR
rights which means that you’ll be
able to charge a bit more.

Because of that, there will be a
limited number of total copies
sold. You can get the product
today when you sign up to be an
Ultimate Insider or pick it up tomorrow
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