Thursday Newsletter, Case Study Offer Ends, August 3rd, 2017

Today, our offer to do a Case Study with Edmund Loh’s new PLR product ends at Midnight EST. It is your opportunity to get 2 additional evergreen products to use in your marketing (plus the price of the product increases too).

You’re getting the PLR package as you’d expect. But you’re going to also get:

1.) Access To the Live Case

2.) Access To the Product I
Remake with the Case Study

3.) When you pick up the back
end, you also get Resell Rights
to the Case Study

So, just by picking up Ed’s new PLR, you’re getting 2 additional products right along with it.

Don’t forget you’re getting access to our professional created graphics to re-make the product too. Get our entire package here:

Strategy Note Yesterday, we introduced a new PLR package to you that is all about branding and finding the right market to do IM. The package can be used to reach both new marketers as
well as those that no nothing about what to do.

We chose a bonus that reflects how we think you want to approach this market. Our 1000 True Fans live discussions, which you get as a bonus, puts all of internet marketing in context.

Have you ever wondered, what should i be trying to accomplish? What is the point of trying to generate income as an affiliate or a product creator?

The people that listen to you probably have the same concern. You can help them with this new package and use it along with our content to make sense of it.

Get Access to Our Content package and the new PLR Here:
Training Note The Case Study training will be separate from our Weekend Q and A Training. This weekend, we’ll be discussing your questions and a new topic that is based on what we’ve seen in the training survey you have filled out.

One question that is consistently high amongst PLR users is “How Do I Get traffic, now that I’ve set up the offer?” The response is typically, “you need to build a list”.

The follow up question is, “…Okay, so how do I build a list”. Depending on your niche, there are many ways but I will be talking about this in the Edmund Loh PLR case study, In fact, I’ll be demonstrating it.

Get access to the Live Case Study
Here before Midnight:

(Make sure to get the upsell, so that you get resell rights to the case study)

Personal Note Before there were Facebook Groups, if you talked to other marketers…you were primarily doing it on Skype. I can remember a number of conversations, but one stands
out in particular.

There was a guy who was very much into SEO doing his best to convince me that I needed to do more tutorials and launch them. I remember listening intently but also thinking…”But I’m into (fill in the blanks)”.

I remember thinking how overwhelming it was for me to consider getting started. And then I also couldn’t quite figure out what the point of it was.

So whether it is the bonus that I chose today for the IM for business PLR or the one I’m dong for Edmund’s, I have people who are saying the same thing I said then (and still say from time to time).

1.) Okay, I have this product…now what?

2.) Where are the people going to come from?

3.) How will or can any of this lead to a sustainable

If you’ve asked any of the three of those questions, we’re covering it in both packages. You may have the drive and motivation, this content will help you to channel it in the right direction.