Thursday Newsletter, New Instagratm PLR, Upcoming Summit News

Hi Charles

There is a new PLR release this morning scheduled for 9 AM EST on Instagram. Laurel and I have put a bonus together to assist you in leveraging the PLR guide.

There are four plugins available to you when you get the front end guide. When you get the back end you’ll get access to another video course plus a 3 GB vault.

Here is the link to get access while the earlybird pricing is available:

2017 Summit News

I just confirmed last night that one of our speakers Sharyn Sheldon will be talking about building a brand with authority with PLR content. You may recognize Sharon from her Content Sparks brand and high quality content.

While we have a nice roster with other speakers, I thought this was especially important to mention because we will be giving you some real advanced concepts.

In fact, you may still need to be convinced about the need for PLR. That is understandable if you’ve not yet seen the full extent for what it can do in your business.

To get all of my 1000 True Fans Pre-Summit Training and early access to the Summit, you can go to this page and make sure you confirm to get our first email.

Strategy Note

What I talked about in the two courses now Inside of Ultimate Insider is what I sincerely believe about any business with an online component. That is that you and I need to:

1.) Host a Summit
2.) Have a Platform with expert in your
3.) Sponsor your own awards
4.) Train on a routine

These are things that you don’t need anyone’s permission to do and they will get you active in your niche. Yes, you want to create products, but getting some people involved is vital to your success.

So the PLR Summit and the PLR show are right out my own belief that we can always be bringing value outside of our promotions to the mix.

Summits, Shows, Training, Awards are the cost of doing business. We haven’t done our awards yet, but they’re coming this year (stay tuned).

Ultimate Insider Updates Tonight, Laurel and I will be talking about the new member’s area as well as the topic we introduced yesterday.

That is, “the internet marketing paradox” launching before you have a list to build a list. Some of this will have to do though with you already having a platform, but you will see the logic in it tonight.

Watch out tonight for a separate e-mail from us. If for some reason, you don’t see an email by 8 PM EST, send an email to Sydney in Support and she’ll get you squared away.

To sign up for our Thursday Night Training calls, go here:

Personal Note

I hate to admit it but Instagram is one of those things that snuck up on me. I ignored it when it first started…I didn’t get it.

But it’s becoming just as valuable of a marketing tool as is Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest or LinkedIn. It has it’s own distinct flavor to it.

And it’s one that has amazing potential to adapt to whatever you’re doing. You are probably, more than you know interesting to your customer in the images you share.

We all know that business is becoming way more personal as time goes forward. So, if you’re like me, you’re having to embrace tools like this even if they take you outside of your comfort zone.

This is why it’s time for you and your customers to know more about what’s going on with the platform. You could call it a younger brother of the other networks.

But it’s the kind of younger brother that’s 6’3″ and hasn’t had a growth spurt yet. Start learning and teaching about Instagram here: