Thursday Newsletter, New Success Habits PLR, Part 3 of 1000 True Customers

Our bonus for The New Success Habits PLR which has earlybird pricing at 9 AM EST will help you to sell the package or use it as content. We’ve put together a package of 5 Audios to related the topic of Success Habits to Internet Marketing.

We’ve also provided to you the ability to put together Social Media quote Memes on your WordPress Blog with the Instant Social Image plugin. All of this comes with the 5 Additional Master Resell Rights Bonuses you’ll see on this page.

When you pick up the back end, Laurel and I have put together a Second package of 5 audios relating the topics of Success To Internet Marketing, as well as to add in the Swipe Book Premium WordPress Plugin.

Our Package is here:

Summit Notes

Today is Part 3 of our Series on 1000 True Fans which will be the subject of This year’s Rebrandable Content Summit.

What we’re doing right now is expanding this topic into the 30 Day Challenge that we’d hoped to do originally. It will be available to you as a PLR product when you get access to the summit.

So, as we’ve been saying, not only are you going to get access to expert speakers…you’re also going to have a full Business In A Box PLR Product.

We’re putting it in a brand new format, that we believe is effective for those of you that want to teach and sell memberships: The 30 Day Challenge format.

You can check out Part 3 here:

Strategy Note

We have been talking to one of the members of our community, who was asking about audio. What can you do with the bonus we’re giving you here and
internet marketing in general?

There are two fairly easy things that you can do to increase the value of the audio:

1.) First, have it transcribed. This has a cost associated, but makes it usable in many different formats and then gives you options to make it original. You must though rewrite it if you’re going to Kindle with your content.

2.) Second, set the whole thing to Animated Video. You can use the Platform we use which is Sparkol or you can use an easier Platform which is Powtoons.

We would suggest using something other than Easy Sketch Pro or Video Maker FX since Everyone uses those platforms.

If you’re going to sell the videos as PLR, you’ll need the commercial version of Powtoons. Sparkol can be paid month to month.

This will allow you to put together a cool bonus for this product when you re-release it as your own:

Personal Note

I am running later than I expected with this newsletter and I’d better be careful how I put this. I wouldn’t say it was Laurel’s fault.

But, I’d promised her that I’d do a few things with her car before she had to leave out this morning to take my daughter to piano practice.

Needless to say, I forgot about it until I got up and got going. So I stopped to do that before I actually sat down to write.

It’s probably a good thing, because it didn’t really occur to me what you’d really need to either sell this or go along with this PLR Until my drive back to the
house this morning.

Success Habits are great, but we probably want to have some relevance to our lives as internet marketers. That’s what the audios do.

They apply the subject of success to us. That means that whether you’re using them to create your own content or to create and upgrade your product….

You’ll be able to use our bonus to make the PLR really work for you or your customers.

Get Access here: