Thursday’s Newsletter, Last Call for Hackathon, Best Seller Summit Bonuses, Seating Starts Today – 1/26/2017

The Best Seller Summit starts it’s registration today and Laurel and I are putting together an exclusive Bonus package to help you to leverage the content. It includes Blog to Book Software, 2 Special Presentations on Niche Consulting as well as Getting Booked on Local Media.

Doors to Registration Open at Noon, but you can get started here:

Hackathon Goes Off the Market at Midnight

At midnight PST, we are taking the Hackathon off the market. This will be the last day that you can get the course for less that $10 and the PLR for less than $10.

When the videos are edited the course will return as a $27 PLR product on the Front End and $17 on the Back End. However, you can get everything available now and
everything in the final package.

Get Access to the Hackathon Here:

Tomorrow: Earlybird for Social Media PLR

Tomorrow Morning at 9 AM EST, we will put together a bonus to help you to leverage the social media PLR Videos being released. The package will be at our normal Super
Fast Action Bonus site at /socialmedia.

Today we’re putting our package together and it will be ready for 9 AM. To get the lowest possible pricing here is what you’ll want to do:

Our newsletter for Friday will be available at 7:30 AM. However, if for some reason you don’t see it, you’ll be able to see our finalized bonus package at:

But that course will make so much more sense as to how you’ll use it, if you’ve gone through the Hackathon. If you haven’t picked it up…make sure you do so here:

Strategy Note We’ve been noticing something in our inbox that we’d been ignoring. Our Alumni Society has been sending us opportunities to come to a local venue to meet other Alumni for networking.

This is a little easier for Laurel and I because we both went to the same college. But whether you attended a university, alone or with a significant other you can
still leverage this.

In fact, you can leverage this because you’re likely to be a Alumni of something. College isn’t so much the issue.

What’s important is that because we know how to create and sell information, we know we’ll be in demand. Even in cases where there are already other authors, speakers, coaches and consultants.

The number of people who go to events who can help them leverage their knowledge are few. And that’s where you and I come in.

Are you ignoring opportunities like this…thinking that you’re an “internet marketer” and they live in the brick and mortar world? It is, in fact, where you have more
value not less.

These days, everyone wants to be an author or speaker…right?

You can be the person that helps them to become what they want to become. So, here is a fresh way to watch the Best Seller Summit.

Ask this question….

What if I were to take my skills and do most if not all of this for someone else? How much should I charge?

What if I were to go after a higher paying client or customer? Would they be willing to pay to have me talk them through this?

I can tell you from experience that the answer is YES. We’ve done it and continue to do it even if we’re not out looking for “clients”.

So, there are two things to do…

FIRST, start making it known what you know and what you do. You don’t even have to “ask for the business”.

SECOND, get fresh ideas from here:

(Opens at noon EST)


PS…You’re getting all of the recordings available to Stream in Phase 1. Remember that today is also the last day to get Phase 2 which is the entire course with PLR