Tuesday Newsletter and Bitcoin PLR Case Study – August 1, 2017

The bonus we added to yesterday’s PLR package was a set of unique graphics. But today, I’ve decided to add two things to our package.

When you pick up this new PLR, I am going to give you access to a case study where we take the PLR, get it ready and put it up to do lead generation and follow the results.

If you pick up the back end, I will give you resell and repurpose rights to the recording. That means that you’ll be able to use it in your products and your marketing.

I will eventually sell this training either in one of my packages or create something all by itself. But you can get it in the raw form long before I get around to doing that product and start using it in your business here.

Get the Graphics and PLR Case Study with Resell Rights here:


Training Note

In this case study, you are going to see start to finish one way that you can take your PLR and use it to get started generating leads for you and even making some sales. So that you will be able to attain the same results for yourself…I will not send this offer to the community.

That way, you’ll be able to do the same thing with any future PLR projects that you get. We’ll walk through preparing the product as well as the copy and place it up.

We’ll rely on the residual traffic coming from the W+ network. As you know, I’ve been saying this in my training that you can get some momentum there before you build up your following.

Here is the thing…once you see what I’m doing in this training, you’ll be able to take all of your old PLR to do the same thing and get it up for sale. The key in information marketing is for you and I to be consistently prolific.

Get access to be part of the case study here:


Strategy Note

If you’ve been wondering what you could immediately do with a PLR package like this one, there are several different roads to take. I will be showing you one and telling you about another one on the call.

What you and I need to do is to position ourselves to provide the kind of value to people with PLR when they are looking for it. Of course, you can sell PLR as a course but there is another business model that you want to understand because it gives you lots of flexibility in how you run your business.

I am totally game to try to build up a following to raise your price for people to want to purchase your courses or to be a high ticket consultant. However, there are other ways that these traditional paths to build an information marketing business.

In this case study, not only will we demonstrate how to build a templated strategy, but one that steadily builds. Here is why that’s important…

If you rely on a steady build that doesn’t depend on any one product or any one method, but on a particular market or niche, you’ll grow your influence to the point where people will begin to look for your product instead of you attempting to hunt them down.

We’ll talk about this during our Case Study Training….

Personal Note

Tomorrow morning Sajan and Justin are releasing a PLR product based on building a brand when you have a busy live and schedule. We’ve been talking about this in our trainings
for a long time.

We’ll be selecting some resources for you to help you to sell the product and even to use it when you need to. We’ll also determine the right angle that you need in order to create a good lead magnet for the offer.

This offer will be available tomorrow morning at 9 AM EST. We’ll have our review ready for you at that time. Here is why this is part of our personal note today. It reminds me of our
journey as internet marketers.

We had a good idea of what we needed to do when we got started and even who we “vibed” with. But, we didn’t always follow our instincts. We felt that the “brand” was extra when we first got started. But we’ve since embraced the concept more and more as we’ve come along.

So whether you have information marketers as customers or you have brick and mortar business owners, selling is easier when you understand your brand. It’s easiest when your client understands your brand.

We’ll see you tomorrow with our unique package to help you to leverage this content….