Today’s Newsletter: Training and Expiring Pricing for Rockstar PLR

Tonight, the premium PLR package launch price expires and there is an additional bonus that I didn’t tell you about the first time I mentioned it.   Those that grab this offer will get (in addition to my personal bonuses) $50 of additional content credits at DiyPLR, when they use the code HARPERBONUS at checkout.

That means that you’ll be able to go to their site and choose what you want to use for  your business and essentially “buy” their content.  So, you’re getting the premium list magnets, our bonuses and then a $50 credit for more content on their site.

Our bonuses include:

1.) Desktop Acquisition Manager Software
2.) Masterclass on How to Monetize Interview Content with Tim Boquiin
3.) Effortless Landing Pages WP Plugin

The Premium Content Package includes:

Joel Comm – How To Become a NYT Best Selling Author
Alex Mandossian – Getting Expsoure on a Low Budget
E. Brian Rose – Increasing Authority Through A Book Launch
Michel Fortin – Classic Copywriting Techniques
Colin Theriot – Growing a Loyal Audience
Ryan Lee – Creating Membership Income

They’re also giving you:

Professionally Designed Promotional graphics

Easy to Use and Install Opt-In Pages

Think of what your Affiliate pro motions will be like with these premium bonuses.  Even better, notice how each one of these topics could be their own information product?

Get access here before the launch price expires tonight at midnight And Make sure to use the code:


Strategy Note:

Because we still define business in binary terms: online and offline, there are often hidden opportunities in between those two areas.  And they are actually pretty lucrative and people are definitely interested.

There are some (although not all) businesess that are in markets where the competition for what they sell is rising. Amazon and Wal-Mart can push prices down and due to the voluminous number of affiliates products and services are everywhere.

So how can “offline” businesses compete? How can they stay true to what they do in their local area, while remaining profitable?

One way to do this is for them to learn to package and market information.  The same information that you and I package and sell on a daily basis could also be used by small businesses.

However, they have no idea how to incorporate these things into their website and web marketing.  That’s where you come in.

Showing business owners how they can create and sell their own information products is unique.  Take a look around in your town…Is anyone showing them how to do it?

That could be you.  And you can use the same knowledge that you gain on a daily basis and apply it.

Take the PLR that you currently buy and apply and slant it toward Small Businesses showing them how to profit.  If you think in terms of your local area and I think in terms of mine, the market is unsaturated.

Of course, when you go to business owners, you’ll want to have high quality content and resources that you can sell.  There is an example at this link which gives you an additional $50 of content if you pick it up tonight before midnight.

You’ll need to use the code:


Training Note:

Tomorrow night, we will talk about creating the product line but since it’s technically the PLR call, we’ll also deal with how you’d do it with PLR. This will pick up where I left off with this weekend’s training on horizontal funnels. If you’ve not yet heard that training  make sure you check it out on our YouTube channel.

To sign up for tomorrow night’s training, you can do so here.  Training will begin at 9 PM EST.  I’ll be doing the best I can to get you out by 9 PM EST.

Personal Note:

Once a week, I go out to meet with somebody in the real world and not in the Matrix.  I’ll just have lunch with one of the guys at the Chamber or from my church. This week, I eat with my contractor friend. What I like about this dude is the fact that he’s really upbeat about his business.

He stays booked and has a waiting list a mile long.  I’ve built a website for him and he tells me…maybe we need to shut it down, I don’t want to take work from just anybody.

That’s a good problem to have, eh?

When you have premium content and premium bait, you tend to attract premium clients and customers.  The problem is that premium PLR content is very hard to find and it takes a long time to produce. That’s why when you get the additional $50 in PLR credits, plus our bonus + the List Magnets…you’ll have an asset you can use when you’re trying to get a higher level buyer into your marketing funnel.

Get access to this premium package here before the launch pricing expires at midnight tonight:

To get the $50 Credit…use the Code:



PS….We’re still recommending the PLR package from our friend Aurelius, even if you’re in a business niche.  Combining this into a business package makes good sense….