Wednesday Newsletter, Animation Jumpstart Permanent Price Increase, Legacy Products Moving to Ultimate Insider

Hi Charles

We’re moving some of our Legacy Products this week into the Ultimate Insider and as a result the list prices will be going up significantly.

We’d like to offer you the opportunity to pick it up here along with our Vid Rolls Plugin. Vid Rolls will allow you to place “bumpers” on your videos (pre-roll and post roll).

I’m also bringing back the Super Fast Action Bonuses for Animation Jumpstart. So, you’ll see the landing page with a countdown timer and re-issuing of Super Fast Action Bonuses.

As you know, Animation Jumpstart will show you how to turn any of your PLR

1.) Text
2.) Audio
3.) Video

Into Animated Videos. We go through the process in detail and give you a “live example” of the entire process also.

The video course comes with PLR so that once you’ve watched it, you can also use it in your business. Get Animated Jumpstart, the Vid Rolls Plugin and the Super Fast Action Bonuses here:

Training Note: Of course, you can get Animation Jumpstart along with other courses as well as training when you sign up as an Insider. Each week on Thursday Nights we train and answer your questions.

We also provide opportunities for List Building as well as constant updates to our Learning Library. To see the most recent update to the program you can check it out here:

Day Seven PLR Giveaway In today’s giveaway, we are focusing on Product Launches. We believe that all of the content will be very actionable and usable in this pack.

If you’re focused in any way on internet marketing, this package will be versatile enough for you to use in multiple products and scenarios.

Get Access here….

Personal Note Unfortunately, my hours are all turned around as for some reason, I was up all night. So, this email may be a little choppy and out of sync.

Thankfully, I was fully rational when I made the decision to add in the Super Fast Action bonus along with the Vid Rolls Plugin when you pick up Animation Jumpstart PLR.

The connection is pretty simple to what you’re doing everyday. We cover how to turn any PLR into animated videos…which is something you and your customers can benefit from.

Get Access To Our bonus package here:


PS….Whenever we get access to a Firesale the discussion is always how to monetize the whole thing. We did a course that we didn’t release that will show you how to monetize massive PLR and IM packages like this one (check out our bonuses)….