Wednesday’s Newsletter, Last Night for the Hackathon, Cover Action Pro 3.0, Launch Pricing on the Minimalist PLR

Hi Charles

Launch pricing for the Minimalist Package from Aurelius Tjin’s PLR ends tonight at Midnight EST. Get our bonus and this PLR package here:

Training Note You’re formally invited to the last session of our PLR Hackathon Tonight at 9 PM EST. Tonight, I’ll be taking the principles that I’ve taught in the course and finishing the set up for a PLR Package.

To Get Access To This Free Training You Can Sign up here:

Strategy Note In some cases there are formalized strategies that you’ll follow and they’ll work as advertised. Other things, you’ll take what you’ve learned and tweak them and then make them work.

But lots of the time, you’ll stumble on to a new strategy by accident. We’re finding that the opportunities happen when:

1.) People know that you do “that internet stuff”. It’s not all that important that they understand what internet marketing is. They just need to know that you can get people to buy stuff.

2.) You’re around people in business. You will be amazed how many really smart, talented people don’t know how to set up a PayPal Buy button or even who to ask. You don’t have to beg, just hang with them…opportunities happen.

Think of yourself as a general contractor. (We talked about this in the 30 Day Challenge).

Have you ever been at a party and somebody will start talking about a repair they have to make and a renovation that needs to be made?

Who get’s pulled into the conversation. The plumber, painter carpenter, dry wall guy/lady…or the general contractor. Somebody leaves that party with an opportunity that they hadn’t planned on.

That’s you. You know stuff and can do stuff the rest of the world wants to know and do. Whether you sell them the “how to” or you do it for them…your knowledge is worth Gold.

We’ll discuss and show some of those basics on our last Hackathon call tonight. And you’re invited even if you haven’t yet signed up.

Francis Ochoco’s Firesale PLR

Francis’ 50 Course/200 Videos on a number of different topics course comes to an end tonight at midnight EST. If you’ve been with me for any length of time…you probably already have it.

Make sure you do though. This is a versatile PLR Package that when you have our bonus, you’re actually getting assets to create momentum in terms of content creation as well as product launches.

The last word from Francis is that the offer goes away at midnight. You can then pick up our offer here:

Personal Note Last night, I actually slept from 3 AM to 10 AM…which is very unusual for me. I’m normally up before 7 regardless of when I’ve gone to bed.

I honestly couldn’t figure out why I’d slept that long and why I felt like I’d been hit by a linebacker.

But it was the same feeling I had at the end of the 30 Day Challenge in 2015. It takes days to actually recover.

I realize that it’s been 15 sessions and 11 hours total for the Hackathon and I’m probably in recovery. So, you’re invited to the last night before I start the editing process to turn
the whole thing into a high value PLR Course.

So, whether you’ve been part of the Hackathon or not, you can join me tonight for the big finish with starts at 9 PM EST. This is where we put the things taught in the previous sessions to work with a live situation.

If you can’t attend tonight, and you just want to get access to the sessions prior, you can do so at this page.

Looking forward to seeing you tonight.