Wednesday Newsletter – My Goof Up, Candance Chira, DFY Template Bonuses, Last Day for Sale Price

Hi Charles

Today is the last day we’ll have premium pricing available for Strategic Marketing Playbook PLR . In fact, we’ve already raised our pricing…but we’re making it available today at 33% off the new price for the next 24 hours. Just use the code: cw16

Most of you already have this PLR, but this is for those of you that are new to our newsletter and our updates….So, you’ll be able to use this code until this time tomorrow.

In fact, you can use the same code if you choose any of the additional resources once you’ve purchased the base product. Get access here: Use the code: cw16

Training Note Yesterday, I told you about an interview I was able to do with Candace Fowler Chira and PLR creator in the Health Niche. For those of you that are interested in healthy eating
and Superfoods you’ll want to hear my talk with her.

Candace goes into how you might be able to properly use this PLR once you actually have it. But I’m adding it to the training section of today’s newsletter because it applies to ANY PLR really.

We will cross post this interview in the Facebook Group as well as on the PLR Show site. She does have an offer that she makes available in the interview that is a holiday package.

If you pick up this package, please let me know and send a reciept and I will select a bonus for you that would be most helpful to you….

Strategy Note Tomorrow at 9 AM EST, there will be a new release of a PLR package to sell to people that want to learn how to do dropshipping. As of right now, we do plan to offer a bonus.

However, what we’ll be doing tonight is looking over the package to find out how you could be effective in using it.

Our bonus and review will be here tomorrow at 9 AM. What you see there now will NOT be our total offer. There will be more, but you’ll want to check back tomorrow morning to see the
whole thing…

Personal Note Yesterday, I told you about Ron and Alice’s templates as well as a pretty big bonus I was offering. But I didn’t tell you about

1.) The Discount code for 70% off your first month: BESTPRICE

2.) The Fact that the price goes up at Midnight Tonight

3.) Your Actually getting two months instead of one. You get November Tonight and then you get December tomorrow.


So, now the calculus is a little different. You’re actually getting more templates and a pretty cool bonus from us when you get in. ANNNND the first month is a pretty deep discount when you
use the code:


So, that constitutes a pretty big goof up on my part. But thankfully there is still time to get two months of templates for a great price and a pretty cool bonus from us.

Get Access here:


PS…Here is a great way to get more insight on What Alice and Ron are putting together. I did an interview with Alice that you can listen to here: