Wednesday Newsletter, New Make Money Easy PLR With Exclusive Recorded Bonus, Hackathon Continues

The new PLR package launching at 9 AM EST as an Earlybird is on the subject of easy ways to generate income online. Laurel and I read through the package and recorded a bonus for you to give to your customers and prospects.

We’ve also assembled over 10 bonuses specific to the content in the guide, along with 10 additional Resell Rights Bonuses. If you pick up the back end, you’ll get three Premium WordPress Plugins from us.

PLR Hackathon Session Five

The Hackathon Resumes tonight at 9 PM EST. Last night I took time off to rest my voice and to get the conversation started again to finish up on graphics.

Currently, the Hackathon is still at launch pricing. That is until we complete the sessions.

Once that happens the price will go to what it should be for over 6 hours of content. You can still get in here though now.

Strategy Note

When we thought about how you could use the new PLR that’s being released today, we thought about Laurel’s experience as an Extreme Couponer.

She knows many of the sites in the guide and has practical advice on how to navigate them. She spelled out two basic ways to undertake what’s part of the course.

The way to use her audio, which you’re getting as a to use it as a bonus. You could give it away along with the special report, but it’s a practical way of looking at the instruc-
tions once you’ve read.

Personal Note

This week in Central PA Harrisburg in particular is Pennsylvania Farm Show week. It’s an annual event that if you’re from here, you have a fondness for it.

In fact, our television hasn’t been on in over a year. The Set Top box stopped working in October and we never bothered to replace it or fix it. But it’s a ritual for us to turn it on and
keep it on 24/7 during Farm Show week. If I told you about some of the events, you might literally howl.

  • The Tractor Pull
  • Sheep to Shawl
  • Square Dancing
  • The Rodeo
  • A “Fashion Show”
  • I can’t properly paint and picture of what these events are like…but if you think of lots of Farm Animals you can use your imagination for the rest.

    Some people new to generating income online are just as blind to all of the ways that are available. This guide and course is a good first step to finding some alternative ways to make things happen.

    We’ve made it easier for you to sell to new people as we’ve gone one step farther by telling them how to use the guide successfully. Make sure to listen to our audio before you start selling…

    Click here to get the entire package (including our upsell bonuses). BUT do it while the Earlybird pricing is in effect starting at 9 AM EST.

    Charles and Laurel