Wednesday Newsletter – New PLR For Finding Your Niche – August 2, 2017

The new PLR being released today is for busy people looking to figure out how to find their place in the internet marketing niche. We’re giving you additional resources to teach and to sell on this subject.

You’re getting some hidden courses on doing market research and finding the right niche that we’re including. We’re also giving you over 5 hours of our best training on how to select the right niche.

You’re getting resell and repurpose rights to the training to use in whatever business purpose you need for your business. Get our bonus here during the earlybird period of the sale:

Strategy Note You’ve probably encountered the fact that internet marketing can be a challenge to explain but that once the person “gets” it they’re excited to learn. But if you had a tool to get them into that position, you’d probably find more grateful followers and buyers.

The bonuses that we’ve put together explain one aspect of internet marketing up front and that is how to make it profitable while thinking about your unique market. Merging these two thoughts together will help you to sell the content.

If you’d like to teach the content, you will find that our bonuses on market research are going to be helpful to you. All of this will bring more resources that your clients will find helpful when you make them available.

Get our entire package here:

Training Note If you haven’t seen, we’ve made a new case study training session available for using the new PLR from Edmund Loh. So, we’re going to take the content, turn it into a product and make it avaiable for sale.

Where actually going to give you the product that we produce (along with resell rights, so that you can sell and use it in your marketing.

Lastly, you’re going to get the actual training to resell, when you pick up the back end. So, in addition to getting this PLR…you’re getting two additional products to use in your business.

Make sure to see the offer here:

Personal Note Tomorrow night, I am venturing into the real world to attend a Quickbooks training. This is something that i am looking forward to one a couple of fronts.

First, I do have plans to really bring my own accounting system into the 21st century, but also….since I actually do have some accounting background, I’m looking to offer a training.

More on that in the future…I am curious as to whether you use or you’re more interested in desktop accounting software or cloud based software. Which one do you use or are you interested in using?

Write back when you have a chance….